Tailgating Under An Event Structure

The Ultimate Tailgating In College Guide Using An Event Structure

1. Food: A Ton Of Munchies

If you try hosting a tailgate party without providing any food, then most likely your guests will take-off faster than the star running back on your team. Make sure to purchase enough drinks and food to feed the number of people you are expecting for your tailgate party. However, don’t worry about over-stocking. Even your closest friend is going to leave your tailgate party as soon as the food is all gone, so you should err on the side of having too much food instead of too little. Besides, you can always share leftovers with the car parked next to yours. Friendship and community is the essence of tailgating after all! Event structures have been a staple all throughout tailgating history.

2. Simple Tailgate Experience Under An Event Structure

Your tailgate food should be kept simple. Also, don’t underestimate the power that basic snacks can have like pretzels, cookies, as well as chips and dip. You could go crazy and get a travel grill, along with hot dogs and burgers. However, that can be such a huge production in terms of time having to man the grill, money to buy all of the ingredients, and all of the packing and set-up you will need to do. I recommend that you limit your spread to maybe two to three food items, such as veggies and hummus or cheese and crackers. That will mean less preparation that you will have to do and keep your guests with allergies or picky food tastes still being able to enjoy your spread.

3. Easy Snacks You Can Eat Under Your Event Structure

  • Mini cupcakes, brownies, assorted cookies, etc.
  • Pretzels (if you feel like getting fancy you can have
  • honey
  • mustard to dip them in)
  • Pepperoni or other types of cured meats
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Pasta or potato salad
  • Cold fried chicken (pre-purchased)
  • Celery and carrot sticks with hummus
  • Potato chips and dip (my favorite is French onion)
  • Tortilla chips and sales, seven-layer dip, bean dip, queso, or guacamole

During my senior year in college, my parents visited me. It was the first time they had ever hosted a campus tailgate party. Bless my mother’s kind heart, she wanted to cook chicken sandwiches for all of us starving college students. However, she was unable to cook the chicken properly on account of dysfunctional portable grills. Ever since she has been quite mortified, but I have told her over and over again that no one really remembers or even noticed the chicken fiasco. After all, college students have really simple appetites. Remember that, since people will be just as satisfied with a bowl of pre-made potato salad as a chicken sandwich. Don’t try the more complicated tailgating methods like grilling until you are no longer a novice and have all of the proper tools.

4. Games To Play At The Tailgate

No, I don’t mean the main football game. You have spent all week writing essays and taking exams. The sun is shining. Don’t you want to get moving? This is where playing a game comes in. The following are some of the most popular tailgating games:

  • Paddleball
  • Horseshoes
  • Cards
  • KanJam
  • Ladder golf
  • Cornhole

If you can pass it around, then take it to your tailgate: a soccer ball, a Frisbee, a Nerf football, anything to help entertain your guests when they run out of things to say about their upcoming midterms to that epic loss to your team’s fiercest rival last weekend.

5. Music To Play At The Tailgate While Relaxing Under The Event Structure

If you are hosting a tailgate then you are in complete control of your dance party that might break out at your event, so be prepared. Some people like having radio pre-game commentary on while they are tailgating, or other football games can be streamed to keep track of the competition. However, if you want football to be kept on the field, then you need to have a flawless music selection.

6. Kicking Back With Good Company Under The Event Structure

Just mingling prior to a football game can bring a special bonding experience, lasting memories and the chance of expanding your network of friends. What does that have to do with a group of guys throwing around a football? I have no idea. However, invite your friends and take full advantage of the chance to create those memories that will help to enhance your overall college experience. You will often see organizations have event structures for blocking out hot sunlight. That is a very important aspect of tailgating as well. Now that you have everything else taken care of don’t forget about your event structures. Otherwise, you will be really hot and your food won’t be protected from the sunlight.

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