JC: Texas to the “Bone”

Temporary Warehouse’s employees are as colorful as Texas is Big.  JC, our Installation Supervisor is one of them.

Here’s a bit of information on a man that loves working for Temporary Warehouse.

Name: James Corson (aka”JC”)

What I do: Installation Supervisor (or “Our Nerd”)JC

Who I am: Born and raised in Texas.  Even think about leaving?  NEVER!

What I do for fun: I love to write songs for guitar and piano. They say I am very talented. I enjoy playing Card & Rp games too.

How I do it: I have worked for T.W.S for 6 years, building structures in over 30 states including Alaska (brrrr). I’ve performed duties in just about every type of weather imaginable. I am a “juggernaut”. Nothing STOPS me. Before TWS, I was a Logging Engineer for many years. This experience helped me manage crews, which keeps the job on time and on budget.

Q&A :
TWS:Why do  you work for Temporary Warehouse Structures?
JC: I enjoy working for a company with the same high standards and morals I personally have. Being able to build a structure, I believe it helps me enjoy my job even more. I can see in just a few days what I have done, yes instant gratification! Gotta love it
TWS: How do you feel about this product, after years of building this structure?
JC: These are more then tents, they are like a temporary building. Its the best of both worlds! Its the best I’ve ever seen in the field.

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