JC: Texas to the “Bone”

Temporary Warehouse’s employees are as colorful as Texas is Big.  JC, our Installation Supervisor is one of them.

Here’s a bit of information on a man that loves working for Temporary Warehouse.

Name: James Corson (aka”JC”)

What I do: Installation Supervisor (or “Our Nerd”)JC

Who I am: Born and raised in Texas.  Even think about leaving?  NEVER!

What I do for fun: I love to write songs for guitar and piano. They say I am very talented. I enjoy playing Card & Rp games too.

How I do it: I have worked for T.W.S for 6 years, building structures in over 30 states including Alaska (brrrr). I’ve performed duties in just about every type of weather imaginable. I am a “juggernaut”. Nothing STOPS me. Before TWS, I was a Logging Engineer for many years. This experience helped me manage crews, which keeps the job on time and on budget.

Q&A :
TWS:Why do  you work for Temporary Warehouse Structures?
JC: I enjoy working for a company with the same high standards and morals I personally have. Being able to build a structure, I believe it helps me enjoy my job even more. I can see in just a few days what I have done, yes instant gratification! Gotta love it
TWS: How do you feel about this product, after years of building this structure?
JC: These are more then tents, they are like a temporary building. Its the best of both worlds! Its the best I’ve ever seen in the field.

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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