Proudly Serving The U.S. Military With Temporary Structures Since 1998

Temporary Warehouse Structures Has Been Proudly Serving The Military For Many Decades

Whenever fabric structures are needed by the U.S. military, they rely on Temporary Warehouse Structures. For many years we have enjoyed our successful partnerships with the U.S. military based on the versatility, flexibility, and strength of our military structures and temporary buildings. One of the main ways that we stand out from the competition is the protection that our fabric provides for personnel, materials, and equipment on American bases all around the world where our products are used. We can get our fabric structures deployed to anyplace in the world and then they can be quickly assembled. If one has to be relocated, it is also easy to disassemble them. Since these are temporary shelters, they don’t use up as much of your base’s square footage.

Temporary Warehouse Structures Partnered With The Military & The Government 

For many years we have been providing excellent services and products to federal and local governments and the military. The projects are totally unique in terms of scope and size. Temporary Warehouse Structures has partnered with many government contractors and agencies on both small and large projects. For every facility, we taxpayer dollars are used to create the very best value. Our military structures are used as Large Area Maintenance Shelters (LAMS). Our turnkey warehouse setup is often used as temporary training centers, base distribution centers, military vehicle maintenance structures, and temporary firehouses. We hold all necessary records, approvals, insurance, and CAGE, SIC, NAICS, ORCA and DUNS codes to be able to bid on all government RFP.

The Modular Design For Military Structures

Temporary Warehouse Structures hangar systems provide cost-efficiency and offer high-quality manufacturing and materials. The modular design enables for up to 196 span widths, which for most projects creates enough space. There is custom tailored construction for each hangar system to meet the unique needs of the customer and create the ideal space solution. Any hangar may be lengthened whenever your requirements change. We provide a comprehensive selection of accessories also, which have been designed specifically for hangar systems. This range includes special gate and door systems, lighting and air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Military Tents Made To Fit Your Needs

Our fabric structures are sized to your precise specifications and may include a number of different accessories depending on what your needs are. For example, we can include lightning protection for military structures, gutters, HVAC equipment, electric lighting, doors, and much more. Our shelters may be anchored to practically any kind of foundation, including asphalt, concrete, gravel, and dirt.

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