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5 Things May Not Realize About Clear Span Military Tents

The U.S. military is located all around the world. They work hard to fight for what is right and to protect our country. They promote peace and do everything in their power to ensure our safety. The military can be found in places where natural disasters have occurred, where peace is sought, and in places of injustice. They can be found where there has been a breach of security and safety of the United States. The U.S. military is comprised of many brave women and men who have volunteered to risk their lives for all of us, so they definitely deserve to have security and comfort as they travel around the world. A clear span military tent is essential for military units as it provides protection from outside elements. There are, in fact, five things that you might not be aware of when it comes to clear span military tents. Temporary Warehouse Structures is the #1 company for all of your military tent needs. 

1. Clearspan Tents Are Able To Easily Go Wherever The Troops Go

The military, of course, needs to have shelter wherever they happen to go. It is, after all, a basic need. However, finding and needing shelter are two separate components that are often a base in any military unit. That is particularly true in terms of locating permanent structures used for shelter. The troops are often stationed in areas outside of cities or in areas where there are no usable, permanent shelters available. That is why clear span tents are used by military units wherever they must go. These tents are easy to transport, secure, and break down. They are easy to get erected as well. Since troops don’t know how long they will be staying in a specific place, it is important to have a shelter that can be erected and dismantled quickly either upon departure or arrival. Time is of the essence.

2. Wide Open Spaces Are Provided By Clear Span Military Tents

As suggested by its name, this kind of military tent offers clear and wide open space across the tent’s entire span. There are no barriers or poles getting in the way. That comes in handy for the military since they often need to store numerous large objects inside of their tents. For example, aircraft and ground transportation. Numerous items must travel along with the troops since they have large jobs to accomplish and we want to ensure they have everything necessary to complete them by providing them with military tents. However, after the troops have reached their destination, they need to have a place for storing their equipment. This space is provided by clear span military tents. You can get a military tent quote with TWS.

3. Our Troops Are Provided With Some Normalcy Amid All Of The Chaos By Clear Span Military Tents.

Clear span military tents actually can provide our troops with a home away from home. It might not be as cozy as a real house and it won’t be filled with a spouse kids, and family. However, it does provide them with some normalcy. Many bunks and dormitories are secured inside of the tents after they arrive. The troops work hard to ensure that there living spaces are as comfortable as they can make them – which can vary a lot from one place to the next. However, having a small space that they can call home helps to give them some comfort. Military tents offer shelter from the elements. Therefore, our troops are able to stay warm and dry in bed even when there is a lot of chaos surrounds them. This normalcy is something that many of us tend to take for granted, and it can be re-created inside of a clear span military tent for our troops.

4. ClearSpan Military Tents May Be Used For Numerous Purposes.

As they are the home away from home for our troops, military tents may be used for a number of different purposes. Think about what parts of a building you tend to access the most often. You will probably say the living room, your bedroom, or other often used communal areas, like the dining room, kitchen, etc. So just because military women and men are stationed in different random areas doesn’t mean they don’t need the exact same things that we do! These military tents are used as dormitories, kitchen areas, bathrooms, mess hall or dining, shared and recreational areas, storage, offices, a medic area, a commissary, and so on.

5. ClearSpan Tents Can Be Customized To Use In All Climates.

These tents can be used in all climates which makes them ideal for use all around the world. They have a sturdy design which enables them to withstand many different kinds of weather. They are able to withstand heavy winds and snowfall on their roofs. Their fabric structure is designed to keep rainwater on the outside part of the tent so that equipment and the troops stay safe and dry from the outdoor elements. The fabric is also flame retardant. That helps with safety also. One of the biggest advantages of clear span military tents is that they can be climate controlled. HVAC systems may be included in these tents, so troops are able to stay comfortable. At times troops may be in areas that are less than perfect – either scorching or freezing. This worry is removed by military tents and allows them to focus on things that are more important.

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