Things To Know If You Require A Mobile Temporary Structure

On The Go Solutions: Mobile Temporary Structures

In cases of extreme growth or weather, a company might make the decision that it is time for them to move. Portable warehouse buildings are the optimal solution whenever a project must move to a different location (or expand the current one). Temporary fabric structures such as modular fabric tents are fully portable and may be installed and dismantled quickly. A typical installation can be completed by a crew at the rate of 10,000 square feet a day, which with a brick-and-mortar building wouldn’t be possible.

The features and products of a temporary structure have been designed for portability. There is no cutting or welding necessary. Smaller structures may only need manpower to move them into position, however, a crane may be needed by larger ones for set up and removal.

A portable fabric structure provides a customer with time to rethink the size and scope of their project or to think about adding extra amenities. A structure that was used for storage at one time, can now be used as a shelter for employees and may benefit from having amenities such as water services or HVAC quickly and easily installed. If the work site is moved to a different climate, then it might be beneficial to have HVAC installed so that the equipment is protected.

When environmental remediation is involved in the project, it is particularly important that the work site stay sanitary. That requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Emission containment needs to be considered as well. Temporary structures are the perfect solution for this kind of project since they can be quickly cleaned, removed and reinstalled.

Temporary Warehouse Structures is also able to customize structures so that they are equipped with wheels so that dependable movement and protection can be provided very quickly. Although it is easy to relocate these structures, they are still very durable also. They have been designed to be able to withstand large snow loads and heavy winds, which make them perfect for all types of climates.

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