Four Ways Modular Facilities Are Helping Medicine

4 Ways That Modular Medical Facilities Are Used In A Growing Industry Part 1

Healthcare is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that it is expected to grow by the year 2026 up to 18 percent. The number would add around 2.4 million new healthcare jobs, and an increased number of new jobs then creates an increased demand for additional medical facilities.

There are several factors that contribute to the increased need for additional healthcare facilities, however, the main reason is probably due to the continued population growth. The U.S population each decade grows by 25 million individuals. And due to medical advancements in technology and healthcare, Americans are now living longer and needing increased treatment for geriatric care, cancer treatments, specialized care, and physicians visits.

Specialized Care Centers

The National Academy of Sciences reports that a significant factor causing the healthcare boom is due to advances in medicine and technology. As individual doctors are studying a specific area of surgical procedures, illness, or disease, patients are creating a demand for these types of specialized care.

These specialized care centers may range from a wide range of services or programs for senior citizens. There are some clinics that might treat patients with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, where other clinics might treat patients suffering from pulmonary or respiratory conditions. Other kinds of specialized care facilities might treat patients in need of assistance in managing their diabetes. They also can help you at with nerve pain associated with diabetes. There are endless options that are possible when it comes to specialized care centers. They provide their patients with everything ranging from therapy to tests, lifestyle modifications, education, rehabilitation, personalized care plans, and other types of patient services.

Rehabilitation Centers

The term rehabilitation covers a wide range of needs and services. Its main purpose is to assist patients with getting back on their feet in order to improve their daily lives after they have lost certain functioning skills or they have been impaired, due to injury or illness.

Typically rehabilitation centers range from surgical recovery, speech therapy, physical therapy, or other physical, psychological, and emotional impairments. A rehabilitation center typically will be an out-patient facility, but there are other in-patient therapies that are offered in ambulatory centers, nursing facilities, and hospital units.

According to market research from IBIS World, significant growth was experienced by physical therapy rehabilitation centers in recent years. That can be due to the amount of adults who are 65 and older, in addition to the economic recovery seeing steady progress. It is expected for the industry to continue to grow, and forecasts are predicting that the industry will be bringing in $35 billion in revenue, in addition to annual growth over the next five years of 3.6 percent.

As there continues to be an increased need for rehabilitation centers, off-site specialized clinics are being opened by many hospitals that focus on the rehabilitation needs of patients, which in turn means the hospitals are less congested and offers additional space for patients, staff, and doctors.

Behavioral Health Facilities

In America, behavioral health treatment facilities continue to become increasingly prevalent. Psychology Today reports that the terms “mental health” and “behavioral health” are used interchangeably sometimes and then combined under human services – but behavioral health is a type of preventative measure that is intended to intervene with addiction, substance abuse, and other mental disorders that patients have.

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