Four Ways Modular Facilities Are Helping Medicine

4 Ways That Modular Medical Facilities Are Used In A Growing Industry Part 2

Mental health may include illnesses like trauma, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues – it is behavioral health that has a goal of promoting well-being through preventing those mental illnesses that negatively affect an individual’s life.

Mental health disorders, if untreated, can have a seriously devastating effect on an individual’s life. Relationships, financial status, employment, and overall quality of life are significantly affected by mental health. Recently, stigma regarding mental health has decreased and more patients are starting to feel more comfortable to discuss their concerns and for seeking treatment.

Opioid abuse addiction, in fact, in recent years has reached epidemic status to the point that even universities and colleges are starting to offer on-campus rehabilitation clinics up to students. The campuses are creating safe spaces for students seeking counseling, medical help, or to serve as sanctuaries where students can go so that their temptations do not distract them.

Carolina Partners in Mental Healthcare (CPMH), just this year, made the decision to expand its number of behavioral health clinics in the state of North Carolina and also beyond based on increased demand for mental health care. Out-patient behavioral and mental healthcare services are provided CPMH, and it has determined to expand its growth due to increased demand from patients wanting higher quality services.

Urgent Care Facilities

Urgent care is a growing industry that is optimizing healthcare delivery experience. If a patient in the past needed to see a doctor in an emergency situation or after business hours, they would have to wait in the ER at the local hospital. At times, patients who needed help for something minor such as fever, bronchitis, asthma or other issues would have to wait for long periods of time with doctors in the emergency room are caring for patients in more critical condition.

However, these days, urgent care facilities provide patients with round-the-clock care at local facilities throughout both urban and rural communities. The $18 billion industry is expected to grow almost 6 percent by the end of the year, as reported by Forbes.

Every year urgent care facilities serve around 89 million patient visits. it is expected that this number will grow as patients are creating a demand due to the costs and convenience of the industry. Many insurance providers offer affordable co-pay on urgent care facilities, making doctor visits a lot more affordable compared to an Emergency Room bill. Cost is not the only reason why the urgent care industry is booming. Patients seeking medical care are not wanting to wait, and patient do not have to have an appointment at an urgent care facility and there is no or very little wait time on most days.

Modular Medical Facilities

One thing that healthcare administrators are constantly looking for is space solutions for providing patients with specialized medical care. When a modular medical facility builds module off-site can be up and running in about half the time it would take to get a healthcare facility built using traditional construction methods. Also, temporary space is provided by modular buildings during new building construction and lengthy renovation projects.

Modular construction minimizes sit disruption for patients and staff and accelerates building time. As satellite clinics continue to become increasingly popular, and current facilities continue expanding, modular construction is now a trusted provider for high-quality medical facilities.

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