Create More Space With A New Temporary Storage Structure

An Easy Way Of Making More Space With Your Temporary Warehouse Building

Our business is more space; we provide businesses with the space that they need at the time that they need it. It is a much faster process with us than trying to build a permanent extension or find someplace to rent. We have many years of experience in providing our business customers with extra space, in various locations and for a variety of different reasons. We are very proud of doing an excellent job for all of our clients.

We are constantly searching for new ways to add more space in the most cost-effective and fastest way possible, and an ideal solution to increasing space with minimal disruption is a mezzanine floor. When a permanent mezzanine is built inside an existing building that can result in business rates being higher due to increased floor space. However, usually, a non-fixed mezzanine is considered to be similar to warehouse racking, since it may be relocated elsewhere and is freestanding.

When your business is considering a mezzanine floor, it is very important to consider what you are going to use it for. For example, the heavy stock isn’t well suited on a freestanding mezzanine for bulk storage and using a forklift on one is also not wise. Manufacturing by hand or on a small scale is possible, however, bulky, large or heavy equipment is usually not well-suited. Lighter functions, like staff rest areas, administrative areas, and packaging storage can easily be housed on mezzanine floors that are not heavy.

Whenever a business is beginning to search for a temporary building as a solution to their space issues there is a good chance that their business is growing significantly, and they have reached maximum capacity at their current premises. Choosing to use a temporary building for fulfilling their need is a smart way to go, but there is still room for further improvement and that is when we combine the concept of a mezzanine level with a temporary building. The maximum wall height on our temporary warehouses is 7 meters, so they are able to easily accommodate one to two mezzanine layers.

Whenever you are considering installing a temporary building it is essential that you know what functions will be taking place where and inside. That information defines where vehicle doors and pedestrian windows and doors are placed and it is very valuable during this process to consider the structure’s volume instead of only the footprint’s square footage. Increasing administrative space or storage might be possible by locating the mezzanine levels on both sides of the building and then having the free space for production in the middle. A large mezzanine can nearly double your available storage space.

Aside from the benefit that a non-fixed mezzanine provide it is usually considered to be a concept that is similar to warehouse racking and is relocatable and freestanding, so business rates usually do not increase. Another benefit that is provided by a temporary building is it can be made into half of the size of the space inside and is split across two level, to be the equivalent of a building that is twice the size. That means small spaces that might be unsuitable for a temporary warehouse site, can house a really efficient one by using the inside space in a very clever way. That also makes it less expensive overall, so that it is worth considering that when looking into options for added space.

All this solution will not be well suited for everybody, it can work for many different kinds of business and might be the answer to your space issues, whether you want to maximize the space that is available in your current temporary structure or you are wanting to add on a new temporary building to your site.

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