Understanding The Popular Warehouse Jobs & Their Descriptions

The 10 Most Popular Warehouse Jobs

Warehouses are the heart of every distribution and storage hub. Most companies depend on these warehouses to store their products as they wait to be transported to their respective places/markets. Warehouses are always buzzing with activity, with a wide range of skillset required to ensure the optimal and efficient running of the same. Outlined below are the top 10 warehouse jobs you should know off. You could apply to fill a vacancy with a warehouse near you.

1. Distribution Center Manager

This is one of the most critical positions in the supply chain. Among other responsibilities, the distribution center manager is responsible for receiving, inventory, and shipping of orders. Almost all daily activities in the warehouse ranging from planning the budget, distribution, long-term goals, and projects revolve around this individual. The distribution center manager also hires and trains the supervisory team in the warehouse.

2. Inventory Control Manager

This job position entails overseeing and ensuring all inventory procedures, milestones, budgeting, and staff management are according to the book. To qualify for this position, you’d be required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in this field as well as several years’ worth of experience. Computer proficiency and solid organizational skills are a must for this job. This is one of the best entry-level management positions you can have in a warehouse.

3. Warehouse Manager

Some of the responsibilities of a warehouse manager include directing receipts, dispatching warehouse foods, inventory, storage, as well as managing staff in the warehouse. A good warehouse manager must possess knowledge of equipment maintenance, proper safety procedures, and warehouse best practices. They are also highly organized and have a keen eye to detail.

4. Machine Operator

Machine operators specialize in handling and working with various machines in the warehouse. In addition to expert knowledge of machines, they also pack plenty of technical knowledge and physical stamina. It is the machine operator’s responsibility to ensure the machines are well maintained and up to the set safety standards. They may also be able to troubleshoot and solve various issues with the machinery to ensure production runs smoothly.

5. Forklift Operator

This is the person responsible for hauling goods and cargo in the warehouse. The forklift operator can operate more than just the forklift though highly skilled in managing heavy machines. The job entails moving freight and driving through tight spaces without creating a mess. It is the forklift operator’s responsibility to ensure the goods being hauled are delivered safely and efficiently. Compliance training and a forklift operator certificate are required to secure this job.

6. Material Handler

A material handler’s job is to move freight and stock either manually or using forklifts, tractors, and trucks to and from production areas, loading docks, storage areas, and delivery vehicles. They are also responsible for moving materials to fulfill orders, as well as maintain the warehouse’s stock. You need to be self-sufficient and diligent to qualify as a material handler.

7. Warehouse Clerk

This is the person responsible for processing customer orders, financial transactions, as well as assist in receiving and shipping of inventory. The warehouse clerk may also be required to assemble appropriate materials, maintain an organized tracking of stock. He/she is required to help keep the warehouse floor neat and well organized.

8. Warehouse Associate

This is the general labor position in the warehouse. He/she can handle anything from stocking, pulling materials and products, as well as transporting materials to loading docks and such. The warehouse associate may also be tasked with keeping inventory records, packing orders, and ensuring the warehouse remains orderly. You need strong organizational skills, good physical stamina, and a high school diploma to qualify for this position.

9. Warehouse Worker

This is one of the most physically demanding positions in the warehouse. A warehouse worker assists in almost anything from inventory organization, receiving, shipping, loading, and unloading trucks. He/she may be asked to pick items from store shelves, pack and prepare them for shipping. They also assist with moving, labeling, and tracking inventory in the warehouse.

10. Warehouse Packer

Commonly known as pickers, warehouse packers help prepare orders for shipment. They are capable of completing tasks quickly and accurately. Among other requirements, one should have at least basic computer skills, have good physical stamina, and be capable of working under pressure.

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