Post: Structure Strength

Thanks for visiting the inaugural post on the TWS blog.  Where we highlight the advantages of our products and services,  keep you up to date on the most recent projects we have completed, as well as educate you on anything related to tents, portable buildings, and semi-permanent structures.  Our industry is constantly changing and evolving, new products hit the market every year.  Structures are becoming more and more like permanent buildings.  We warehouse out of the same style structure that we lease to our customers.  Our industrial tent warehouse has been installed for 15 years.  It has required very little maintenance and weathered every storm over that time.

Structure Strength

I received a phone call early Christmas Eve morning; the picture below is the result of a drunk driver running off the road, driving through our fence and smashing directly into an eave side upright (leg).  The upright was struck so hard that it separated from its base plate.  The structure was obviously damaged but did not collapse or suffer any loss of stability.  Much like a conventional building our structure absorbed the blow, only damaging the area directly contacted by the car.  Unlike a traditional building, we were able to temporarily patch and secure the wall in about two hours.  After we celebrated Christmas with our families, we permanently repaired the structure in about 4 hours.  The structure was a little unorganized for a couple of days but remained completely safe for occupancy and operational prior to permanent repair.

Structure Stability

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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