The Benefits Of Using Precast Concrete Panels For Construction Bulk Storage Structures

The Main Advantages Of Using Precast Concrete Panels In The Construction Of Bulk Storage Structures

For many bulk storage facilities, the use of concrete is mandatory. The storage of agricultural produce, fertilizers, salt, sand, and much more requires the facilities to use concrete walls to be efficient and effective. Precast concrete panels have emerged as the best solution in the construction of such facilities as opposed to the traditional cast-in-place (CIP) structures. Here are some of the main advantages of using precast panels.

They Increase The Storage Capacity

Concrete walls are known to have a very high load-bearing capacity. As such, piling store items can extend up to all the edges of the buildings. This increases the space for storage while reducing the building’s footprint. Furthermore, it lowers the cost per bushel stored. Using precast panels enable businesses to build exact-size storage facilities. Having a storage facility that is specifically designed for a particular business enables businesses to faster returns on investments. Additionally, since concrete is sturdy and better able to withstand corrosion, the storage facility will serve you better (lower maintenance costs and fewer downtimes) and longer. For more information on the temporary fabric structures and storage structures we have, click here.

The Use Of Precast Concrete Educes Construction Time

The process of manufacturing precast concrete panels makes them more resilient to delays. The panels are cast in a factory setting, where the environment is tightly controlled sheltered from the weather elements. Additionally, the mix and curing of concrete can be controlled precisely any time of day. Such a production process enables the manufacture of the panels to go on continuously day or night. Therefore, the production of the panels can even begin before you secure the construction permits. And once construction begins, it can go on much faster. There is no waiting for the walls to cure and dry. Furthermore, you can use precast panels as the foundation of the structure or even build storage bays inside. When constructing storage bays, using this method, it takes as little as one or two days. Alternatively, you can build the storage bays after the construction of the primary structure, thereby giving the workers a clearspan space in the building. This allows them to work much faster. There are many structural advantages to getting a storage structure, click here for more information.

The Panels Can Be Transferred And Reconfigured

Change is constant. This is a true reflection of the market, where changes will constantly happen. When a change in the market occurs, the precast concrete wall will be able to change as well. Whether you need to create a larger storage bay or need smaller but more storage bays, the precast panels can be moved and create the storage bay you need. This also applies in cases where you need to move the storage building. The panels can be moved without degradation in structural integrity or quality. The panels are also easy to clean and fast drying. Therefore, a storage bay made out of precast panels can go through a higher number of cycles with regards to materials stored. Much the same as temporary fabric structures, precast concrete panels/storage structures are now playing a crucial role in flat storage facilities.

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