Prepping For Hurricane Season With Temporary Warehouse Structures Part I

Getting Ready For Hurricane Season Part I: Portable Emergency Shelter Tents

The hurricane season is here. A ClearSpan portable emergency shelter tent can help you get ready for a disaster. The peak of the hurricane season is upon us. To create one tropical storm after the other, the perfect conditions, strong winds, and warm waters combine to devastating effect. While some of these situations escalate into tropical storms, some turn into actual hurricanes.

Portable emergency housing tents make preparing for hurricanes; and as we all know, preparation is essential in these circumstances. To determine the way the storm/hurricane is headed, entire states, communities, and regions follow weather forecast reports closely as they develop.

Getting Ready For Hurricane Storms

When facing an incoming storm, you need a variety of supplies. The main decision you need to make is whether to stay put or evacuate, depending o your current housing situation or location.

Some of the considerations that inform your decision include:

  • Medical requirements: Are the people you live with in need of any medical care, or are they strong and healthy?
  • Your home’s location: Where is your home located with regard to flood zones and shoreline?
  • Securing glass doors and windows: Do you have the necessary shutters and boards?
  • Supplies: Do you have enough water, non-perishable food items, gas, generators, candles and lights, battery powered fans and a first aid kit?

Note that you cannot be sure of getting the help you need on time, in the event things go wrong. Emergency response teams may not be able to reach your location during and/or after the storm. Cellular phone service and utilities, such as water and power, may be down. This is exactly why you need to be properly prepared for any eventualities.

Behind The Scenes Hurricane Preparations

There is a larger storm preparation in the background, even as citizens prepare to protect themselves personally. To ensure that they are ready to act immediately and when needed, disaster relief and first response teams are also getting ready; as a storm’s track can change quite quickly, as they wobble. It is essential that these teams and their relief supplies remain on the move.

So as to be able to help everyone affected by the resulting storms, these teams are busy collecting everything they need. Some of these supplies include medical supplies, water, baby supplies, food, shoes, clothing items, insect repellent and blankets among others. Essentially any and all supplies that communities need to get through and recover from the hurricane storm. Portable emergency shelter tents are also included in the list of supplies to be stockpiled. Since they can be put up just about anywhere, these disaster recovery tents are great.

They do not require to be put up on a specific type of surface. Whether its asphalt, grass, dirt or sand, they will work just fine. Disaster response teams can penetrate the area hit by the disaster worry-free, due to the fact that ClearSpan tents are designed to be free of any restrictions. Portable shelter during disasters and other applications is made possible through the use of ClearSpan tents.

In addition to creating an open area under the tent cover, side walls can be included. These tents come in a variety of sizes. Disaster response personnel, including those that handle hurricanes, widely use these portable emergency shelter tents. Temporary Warehouse Structures is here to help!

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