What To Ask When Looking To Hire Your Temporary Fabric Structure Provider

4 Fundamental Questions To Ask When Hiring The Right Fabric Structure Vendor

The installation of clearspan fabric structures is a big deal and should be done by experienced professionals. Therefore, picking the right vendor is vital. It will help avoid the risk of unnecessary and preventable delays that are costly for your project.

The job involves the use of specialized materials that can withstand the elements and it requires permits and safety certifications. Moreover, it should be handled by skilled workers that have a vast knowledge of the materials and safety standards. So how can you tell that you are dealing with a competent company that will deliver on all fronts?

Keep in mind that you will be paying for the services rendered and thus should be sure that you are not risking unexpected expenses by trying to sacrifice some essential features to cut costs. Moreover, there is the issue of deadlines, and that means working based on timelines that may be tight. Pull all that together, and you have a recipe for stress.

Play it safe by thoroughly vetting the vendors. Assess their expertise, experience, and capacities to meet your expectations. Given this, below are some pertinent questions worth asking so that you can narrow down your options and eventually hire the right company.

1. How long have you been in business?

Setting up a fabric structure such as a blast-resistant tents, construction site structure, or a temporary warehouse is complex and involves some customization. Such customization requires a high level of experience, and that is something that you are less likely to find in a start-up. Therefore, go for a company that has built a name for itself as a leader in the industry. And when you find such a company, request the vendor to give you several references and testimonials. The vendor should have a portfolio that speaks for itself; one that points to past clients who are happy and the company’s work. For the clientele list, try to find out any other business that is similar to yours that hired the vendor’s services then gauge the kind of experience they had.

2. Do you create customized solutions?

Any company that works on the premise of one size fits all is likely to be involved in scrupulous deals. When it comes to clearspan structures, every project presents unique challenges and needs and thus requires special considerations. The vendor you hire should not rush in and put up a temporary structure that does not meet the specifications of your workspace. Therefore, they should take soil samples for testing to ensure structure will be stable once erected, and the installation will also take into account the weather conditions. In essence, customization will be inevitable, and the vendor should offer engineered solutions that meet your needs and budget.

3. How fast can you put up a temporary fabric structure?

While every vendor will have a construction pace that is different from the next, agility, speed and accuracy are three vital elements worth considering when judging how fast the contractor will work to meet an immediate need. What is the company’s track records when it comes to erecting temporary structures in less than 48 hours? In most cases, experienced vendors can pull this off and will have several references to give as proof. And while that may be an ace worth considering, you also should inquire about the materials used and how long it takes to obtain what is need to run the project to completion. In short, evaluate the job’s downtime against the company’s turnaround to ensure you make the right choice.

4. Do your structures meet the local building code requirements for snow and wind loads?

Not all fabric buildings are erected the same. Most temporary structures, such as those for a day’s event like a wedding, cannot suit the needs of a project site. Not all vendors release this, and few know the difference. To know if the contractor is clueless about this, ask them about snow and wind ratings. If they seem clueless of what a wind or snow load is or claim that “a tent is a tent,” then move on to another vendor.

Choosing the right contractor to install a temporary fabric structure is a huge decision, but not one that should have you stressed over whether your project will proceed on time or not. Make sure that you vet the vendor thoroughly so that you are confident the provider will deliver a building that protects your work crew and equipment.

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