Here’s Why You Need Portable Temporary Storage Buildings

10 Reasons For Using Portable Temporary Buildings

When you are looking to expand your business with new operation space and property, the best way to achieve that balance is to get portable temporary buildings incorporated into your long-term business strategies.

We have seen over and over again here at Temporary Warehouses, with hundreds of various temporary building projects, of businesses successfully being able to grow their business and expand their operations without the high risk or large costs.

The following are ten reasons obtained from customer feedback on why portable temporary buildings should be used to manage risk and growth.

1. Low investment

Whether you purchase or rent portable temporary buildings, it is a small investment compared to buying more permanent structures. There are some customers that have stated that up to 70% lower upfront cost when buying. Renting is also much lower, and frequently small enough that instead of coming out of capital expenditure it can be taken out of the operational budget.

2. Flexible investment

When it comes to portable building, a majority of financing options are flexible. They include buyback, hire to buy, outright purchase or quarterly or monthly hire option, and lease-purchase sometimes.

3. Low financial risk

The lowest financial risk option is to hire contracts. You hire a temporary building for a certain amount of time and then extend the contract or give back the building. Purchasing outright also provides you with the opportunity for selling the building after you are done with it, either on the open market or back to the supplier. Both of these options, and especially the hire, will literally provide you with the ability to expand quickly and get your operation in line with any external factors that might arise.

4. Quicker return

It is quick to supply and install portable temporary buildings. Even when they are built to order instead of taken from stock, there is still a turn round of just weeks instead of months. After the typical warehouse building is delivered to the site, it takes less than a week to install it. If you are expanding due to growth, then the growth will affect your bottom line much faster.

5. Healthier return

The return on growth opportunities not only will be fast but should also be health due to the initial small investment, to secure a profitable and fast return that can be reinvested right back into your business.

6. All under the same roof

When portable temporary buildings are used it is very fast and easy to bring all warehousing and storage under a single roof – you own. Obviously, you need space on your site, to begin with in order to build on, but if you would like to eliminate the extra costs that come with hiring off-site – security, inventory control, time, fuel, etc. – this is the most risk-free, economical and easiest way to do it.

7. On trial

The ideal place for trialing new systems, processes, or products is a temporary space on site before having to commit to other resources and investments long-term. Refinements and corrections may be implemented and you can avoid costly mistakes before any major changes are integrated into your long-term business strategies.

8. Minimal disruption

Since the installation process on a portable temporary building is very easy and fast, usually there is no or minimal disruption during this time to daily operations. That means no risks of continual disruptions or downtime that are associated with long-term building projects.

9. Get ahead of your competitors

A quick response is needed by many business opportunities. Some customers, new orders or vendors might need evidence of extra storage or operational space to obtain the business, to begin with. Getting portable temporary buildings installed in just a couple of weeks can make all of the difference in the world in staying ahead of your competitor by winning a lucrative new customer or contract.

10. Utilize space efficiently

A temporary building is quite effective at generating value out of site space that was previously dead. And if at some point the building gets removed there won’t be much evidence of its existence, meaning space can be easily used to generate value in other ways.

Portable temporary buildings definitely are outstanding when it comes to managing growth versus risk. The easy installation and simple design mean they are pretty much hassle and error free so there is a very high chance that your business will experience all, or at least some, of these benefits.

There are also many choices available. The various designs and specifications offer from basic weather protect up to a fully insulated steel roof unit as well as many different options between those two Buildings are well-suited for a majority of operational and storage requirements and the choices are expanded even further by the flexible finance options that are available.

The choices and benefits make it difficult to see any other option, particularly while the economic and political global landscape continues to be so unpredictable and unsettled.

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