Knowing What To Consider When Selecting A Houston Warehouse Location

5 Factors To Consider When Selecting A Warehouse Location In Houston

Determining the location of your warehouse is a crucial decision that affects all facets of your company’s operations. Arriving at a balance that provides a convenient location at modest lease charges is key. Your warehouse site directly leads to efficiencies in your company operations and promotes an improved customer experience. Are you looking for a warehouse location to purchase or lease? You must be aware of the complexity and challenges involved in this decision. The following are some considerations to make so that your company is in a good position to serve your customers in a practical, streamlined and self-sustaining manner.

1. Preferred Consumer Base

When scouting for a warehouse location remember your customers’ locality. Map out your customer base and zone in on the localities that you want to supply and deliver to. A warehouse located near your customers facilitates quick fulfillment and delivery on custom orders. Also, the shorter distances will minimize shipping costs.

2. Closeness To Carrier Services

Take into account your warehouse’s proximity to hauler facilities. A warehouse within the vicinity of transport facilities will simplify the shipping process and make the delivery of goods to customers efficient and effective. Look to strike a balance by selecting a location that is convenient and near to customers as well as reputable carriers to ensure that shipping to customers is fast and efficient for both your customers and the company.

3. Storage Needs

Consider any unique features you may require due to the characteristics of your products. Are your products flammable? Do they break easily? Hazardous? Ensure that necessary adjustments can be done at your warehouse location of choice. Project future demand. Don’t make the mistake of renting a small space that will not have sufficient room in the future. Project potential growth to come up with an accurate assessment of the amount of space your company will need for storage. Prioritize getting leasing options that grant flexible storage space terms based on the dynamic customer demographics that your business might experience.

4. Workforce Availability

The characteristics of the population around your warehouse location may matter more than the actual space. What are your labor needs? Some geographic locations may lack the required workforce. Others may lack the necessary skills or may have prohibitive labor rates. Appraise the supply and demand of labor to determine potential difficulties. A low supply of workers will increase demand leading to higher salaries. Salaries are a major component of company costs, therefore surveying the availability of staff at the right price in a geographic location is crucial. Government websites provide data on education and income levels of a particular state or city which you can utilize to conduct your demographic research.

5. Longevity

The longevity of your warehouse site is a key consideration – will it scale to the changing prospects of your business? Project the growth trajectory of your company and assess whether the warehouse location has sufficient space for expansion if required. If your product demand is seasonal, look for a warehouse facility that provides seasonal leases or considers flexible storage solutions from companies such as Temporary Warehouse Structure.

Picking the right warehouse location must be preceded by thorough planning and research. Remember to assess each location based on the five factors highlighted above. The choice of your warehouse location should benefit the customer as well as your business by facilitating a streamlined, effective and economical venture.

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