Effective Advertising At Your Local Farmer’s Market With Temporary Structures

Temporary Structures: An Introduction To Farmer’s Markets And Advertising That Works

Many people are surprised to find out that there is even a job like mine. Typically they don’t know that a local farmers’ market even has an organizer behind it. Maybe it is due to the fact that the concept of a small group of producers is fully ingrained in the evolution of society. Farmers’ markets have been around since ancient times. More than 5,000 years ago, whenever local farmers sold crops and live animals to the community from their farms. Informal markets such as these were prevalent as well among the first settlers in America. However, they started to phase out with the rise of urbanization and grocery stores introducing food corporatization and commoditization. However, civic-mind people, seasonal eaters, and local foodies are all delighted about the comeback that has been made by farmers’ markets. Over the past five years in the U.S. they have doubled to more than 8,000 in total.

Health Trends Like Veganism

It has become a trend to abandon the big supermarkets and shop local and small instead. This movement is making a big impact to the point that you are now seeing big grocery stories attempting to re-brand themselves into farm-friendly, local organizations. Some even have the phrase farmers’ markets as part of their name. That is what I refer to as farm-washing, or using marketing tricks into making you look like you are associated with a farm. If you ask me, that’s a lot of hogwash.

Marketing Your Products At Local Farmers’ Markets

While markets in the old days were very informal, the markets of today have a lot of formality associated with, such as regulations. Direct Marketing Regulations of the 1970s were what allowed farmers’ markets to once again start to flourish. These regulations were the result of farmers needing to find markets for ‘second quality’ produce that they had (produce that didn’t meet the supermarket distribution channels standards). As supermarket distribution channels became increasingly developed, farmers started to find themselves having an increasing amount of ‘second quality’ produce that went to waste.

Temporary Structures For Your Farmer’s Market

In order to be sold in grocery stores, the product must meet labeling and standard packing requirements. So everything with a label (or stick) is uniform (of the same shape and size) and also of “first quality” (no blemishes). In order to comply with the system and survive, farmers began to move away from the heirloom varieties they once grew towards growing hybrid seed varieties. Plant breeding of these varieties has resulted in higher yields of produce that is more uniform (I’m not talking about GMO here, but a natural selection). In the quest for higher yield, there were sacrifices made. Unfortunately for consumers, it was nutrition and taste. When selling at a farmers’ market, you can definitely stand out by having a temporary structure and stay cool underneath the hot sun during the summer.

Temporary Structures Improve Your Marketing Experience

For many types of situations, including selling at farmers’ markets, temporary structures provide long-lasting, durable and quality tents. Our unique, cool, and beautiful temporary structures can be used to help you set up the ideal ambiance. Sell more of your products by obtaining a temporary structure from us to provide you with a more official appearance. We are ready to assist you. The resurgence in farmers’ markets has helped to free up the farmer to be able to focus on growing for nutrition and taste once again by providing a place to sell heirloom varieties of produce. The delicious heirloom tomato leads this movement. As a farmers’ market operator, I strongly believer in all of the benefits they provide to the community, businesses, consumers, and farmers. The following are some of the more important ones, in my opinion.

More Money Is Available For Farmers

Farmers are able to sell to consumers directly which cuts the middleman out. That allows the farmer to keep a higher percentage of the selling price of their products. They also get paid right on the spot (instead of having to wait, 30, 60 or 90 days or even longer to be paid by the distribution company). That allows many smaller farmers to stay in business.

Protection And Freshness Under The Shade Of A Structure

Do you prefer having your tomato pickled over the past 24 hours within your home state or do you like one that was picked across the globe 3 weeks ago? Keep all of your products fresh and cool underneath the shade of one of our temporary structures. Sun definitely can spoil food if it isn’t protected.

Community Building

The community is brought together by a farmers’ market, in addition to generating traffic to businesses that are nearby. It provides the entire areas with a unique feel and encourages people to return. Allow people to come and talk with you in the comfort and shade of your temporary structure. Summer days in Houston can be very hot. Our tents all come with air conditioning!

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