Do You Have The Space For A New Client – Temporary Warehouse Can Help

Can You Take Another Large Client On?

It is an exciting time for any business to land a new contract, especially when the negotiation process has involved your team putting in a lot of effort and the morale of all of your employees is boosted by the payoff. At other times, new contracts might practically fall in your lap when a business is having difficulties with their current supplier and are looking elsewhere. No matter what the reason is for obtaining a new customer, space can potentially become a real challenge.

No one wants to have to cancel a contract or wonder whether or not they can take it on due to having a lack of space. A temporary building can easily solve this problem. You might not need to increase your manufacturing space, but distribution, packing, and storage also are operational activities that need additional space. For companies that manufacture products as well, they will need extra space for all four of these activities and how much extra space will be needed is going to depend on how space is used and the volume of the extra packing materials, stock, and materials.

You can have a temporary building placed on your site in just a couple of weeks, so whenever a contract is in the final negotiation stages and you are confident it is going through, you can begin to commission the new space that you need. If you know that growth is in your near future, it’s a good idea to consider extra space before the need for it is imminent, and that allows you to pursue contracts and negotiate them with more confidence since you have addressed the space issue for serving your new customer already.

Even if your immediate future does not have any potential for growth, it still is worth considering how you may be able to accommodate an additional client. That way you will have all of the information about temporary buildings in advance and have a good idea of the volume of space and type of structure you are going to need. Not many companies, after all, are able to afford to turn any business away and turning down a deal could have implications that are far-reaching for your business that is not immediately felt.

When you turn a new client down due to concerns about lack of space it can give out a bad message regarding your company and may be seen as failing to adequately respond to and prepare for customer demand. This image of inflexibility can haunt your reputation for many years into the future. Don’t put your business reputation at risk due to the hassle of having to find extra space. Although it is true that locating extra space, whether this involves expanding your existing premises or renting space elsewhere, can be a huge headache since many people overlook the suitability and advantages provided by a temporary warehouse, and make their decisions instead based on the amount of upheaval association with a new building. When temporary warehouse buildings are factored into the equation, a path can be created that has minimum hassle associated with it and enable you to take on a new lucrative contract and bolster your company’s reputation as one that is capable of adapting, open to change, and is flexible.

If there are no clients at your door a good case can still be made for checking out temporary buildings, since learning about them will help you make better business decisions later on. You might have a really good idea for a sideline to your business or new product that could promote growth in the future and a temporary building is an ideal space for hosting your new project without having to invest a lot of capital into your new space. It is even possible to hire the structure for several years to allow you to explore all of the new angles of your business with only minimal risk.

So whether you need a space right away for fulfilling a new contract or are consider growth for the future, make sure to take our temporary buildings into account for your plans and allow us to help get you on the path to achieving even greater success for your business.

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