Need A Little Extra Space? Let Temporary Warehouse Structures Help!

Use Temporary Buildings To Meet Your Need For Extra Space Within The Same Four Walls

In some cases, the problem of additional room might have more to do with how that space is to be configured and less with having available land on which you can build on. Exposure to the elements is just not acceptable in many manufacturing activities. As a result of the risk of damage by rain and/or contamination by pollutants, transfer of items from one stage of the production process, in businesses such as commercial kitchens, potteries, and food processing plants, is ideally done in an indoor environment. The question then becomes, when businesses like these need more space, what do they do?

One of the main options, even though associated with a lot of confusion and expensive in nature, is to move to a new location. In future, the business may need to be relocated if the need for additional space crops up again. However, there is a better option to consider, most people don’t appreciate just how easy it can be to join temporary buildings to each other and existing buildings, meaning that they don’t have to stand alone.

Joining temporary structures to an existing facility, as extensions, can help you create the extra space you need. In addition to helping expand the available space, and with it, your production capacity, businesses can be able to maintain their operations under the same roof. Inspection notwithstanding, temporary structures can be attached to any side of the existing building. To facilitate the reconfiguration of your processes to match a bigger premise, with an additional storage area at the end of the process where necessary, other temporary structures can be attached to the initial temporary extensions. On top of the various access door, flooring and insulation options available, we can also help keep your raw materials dry after arrival through the provision of an unloading canopy.

Since extensions can be attached to your new temporary warehouse structures fairly quickly, you can hire them during peak production periods to provide the extra storage space needed; this is considered to be one of the main advantages of using such structures to extend your commercial premises.

On our part, we endeavor to create a weather-proof joint, between two adjoining structures, when a temporary structure is to be linked with another of a different construction type. The joint may be located at an existing vehicle access door, depending on the location of the extension and the construction of the existing structure. Between the two structures we create a weather-proof seal, which if needed can be left open on one side for loading and unloading purposes; since every client is unique, the method used to link the two buildings depends on the available space and specific client needs.

In industries where exposure to the elements is problematic and specific production condition must be met, the creation of additional linked space off the existing structure is possible, even though it may not be within the four original walls. Including those in the food supply and service sectors, we have dealt with a wide selection of clients. You are sure to get the best solution possible for your extra space needs when you invest in our temporary buildings simply because you enjoy the full advantage of our knowledge and experience.

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