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Storing Aggregate Asphalt

Part 1

Asphalt plants continually work to prevent aggregate asphalt piles from absorbing moisture. Recycled pavement and asphalt shingles are two of the most popular materials that the paving industry uses. However, asphalt plants must develop cost-effective and efficient storage methods for these materials.

When aggregate asphalt is exposed to moisture or stored in a humid environment, the processing time will increase dramatically. Many companies require extra manpower when their asphalt aggregate is not stored properly. This is not a profitable decision. Instead, companies must develop processes to prevent aggregate asphalt from absorbing moisture, thus decreasing the need for extra manpower while increasing their profits.

One of the best ways to prevent aggregate asphalt from absorbing moisture is by using a clear span fabric building. This climate regulating material creates an ideal environment for aggregate asphalt. Using a shelter that controls humidity and prevents snow and rain from coming in contact with aggregate ensures the asphalt is in good condition and prevents the need for unnecessary asphalt processing procedures. One of the most popular storage structures is one with open end walls. This increases ventilation to reduce moisture. These structures can be 300 feet wide and any length that is needed for storage.

Wear and tear happen. You want to preserve your aggregate asphalt and your building for as long as possible. For example, in order to keep your car running correctly and increase the lifespan of your car, you must perform routine maintenance. Your construction machinery and equipment must also be properly maintained.

As a business owner, you must make the decision on the types of machinery and construction equipment that you need in a regular workday. Relying on machinery and equipment means that you need to have a high-quality storage facility for your aggregate asphalt. Additionally, your equipment and machinery should be stored out of the weather to keep it running its best.

A fabric structure is a perfect place to store your equipment. These structures are durable, can be installed quickly and will last a long time. These durable structures will help to ensure that your machinery is properly maintained.

Strength and Durability of Storage Buildings

One of the most important things you can do to protect your company’s assets is to choose the right storage building. Temporary Warehouse provides durable and strong storage buildings that can withstand high winds, heavy rains, and ice and snow. Each structure is engineered to meet all building codes.

The frames are made in the USA and are triple-galvanized structural steel. The galvanization resists corrosion to ensure a long life. The zinc bonds with the steel to help fight corrosion and create a strong, weather resistant surface.

The frames are then covered with 24 mil polyethylene that is rip-stop woven. the fabric is strong and resists tears and deterioration caused by the weather. This material is designed to prevent tears from getting larger. Furthermore, if a tear occurs, it can easily be patched to help preserve the storage building’s cover.

All frames of our fabric covered storage buildings come with a 50-year warranty. The fabric cover has a 20-year warranty.

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