Temporary Warehouse Solutions; Storing Aggregate Asphalt

Storing Aggregate Asphalt

Part Two

Energy Efficiency and Cost

After you have invested in your construction machinery and equipment, you do not want to worry about spending a lot of money on utility costs. Our tension fabric structures feature an energy-efficient design, which can save you money.

The fabric covering allows natural daylight to enter the structure, which eliminates the need for electrical lighting during the day. The polyethylene cover is climate-sensitive. This keeps the temperature inside the storage building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

When you are able to reduce the amount of heating and cooling and artificial lighting, you can on your power consumption, which reduces your costs each month.

There is not a need for support posts in our fabric structures. Because of the amount of materials needed to construct your structure is reduced, the overall cost of your building is less. Our structures create an open interior area that helps maximize your storage space. This allows you to arrange your floor plan to ensure maximum efficiency.

The foundations for a traditional storage building can be costly. Typically, a pad of concrete will need to be poured before the structure is built. However, with our fabric storage buildings, there are many options when it comes to foundations.

Our structure can be built on a poured concrete pad, on piers, or using blocks, pots or containers. This allows our customers to choose the best and most cost-efficient option for their building.

The most cost-efficient foundation is the Anchoring System. It is considered a temporary solution; however, it offers the same permanent benefits as other foundations. This system involves drilling into the ground and placing anchors in the ground. This system decreases excavation costs and is simple to install. Using this system will reduce the time it takes to construct your building.

The Anchoring System allows you to easily move your building and is environmentally friendly. The anchors allow for numerous uses of your fabric structure, which means the structure can be moved around the job site. This system offers a long-term foundation for all of your construction projects as well. The system causes minimal damage to the ground. Once the anchors are removed, you can easily fill in the holes or allow the holes to fill in naturally over time.

Quick and Simple Construction

Most of the time, quality and quickness do not go hand in hand; however, with our fabric structures, quickness and high-quality do go hand in hand. You will receive a high-quality product quickly. You will not need to worry about having the appropriate building materials or stress out over building your structure. We have all of this covered.

We manufacture your structure in-house and provide onsite installation, which means that your structure will be delivered quickly and installed by our crew of professionals. This process is efficient. Once your order has been confirmed, the project will quickly be completed.

Temporary Warehouse Buildings offers you plenty of room to store and maneuver all of your equipment. The round frame design offers high clearance, which means you have room to store all of your excavators and bulldozers.

All of our Tension Fabric Buildings provide plenty of interior space. The peaked frame and straight sidewalls provide a maximum storage area and clearance for your large pieces of construction equipment.

Business owners can rest and know that we have worked hard to create a solution for their storage issues. Our storage options are cost-effective and offer the best solutions for the storage of your construction equipment and machinery. Finally, these units can be set up quickly by our team of professionals.

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