Selecting A Temporary Building Manufacture In Houston

6 Reasons For Selecting A Temporary Building Manufacturer

With so many products these days you can either buy from a third party supplier or direct from a manufacturer. We here at Temporary Warehouse Structures truly believe that customers benefit from going through a manufacturer since we are one! But how many of our reasons are just ours alone and which ones do other manufacturers share, and most important of all, which ones benefit customers?

The following are the reasons why we think it is best to purchase directly from a manufacturer, in general as well as for a temporary building.

1. Inside out

The manufacturer knows the product better than anyone else. The manufacturing and design processes are thoroughly understood by the manufacturer inside and out. It also may be said that more substantiated and valuable information is readily available when it comes to product guarantees and warranties, manufacturing standards and practices, a raw material that are used and their sources, and design specifications.

When you purchase your temporary building directly from Temporary Warehouse Structures then we can provide you with the site and regional specific building calculations which show how the structure was the engineer in order to be in compliance with U.S. Building Codes. We operate under CE Marking and IS Certification and can provide evidence of this. CE Marking means we are able to trace all of the raw materials that we use back to their source and are able to guarantee the necessary level of quality.

Anything else about a product that a customer wants to know or needs to have evidenced through documentation can definitely be provided since it will be first-hand knowledge for a manufacturer.

2. Price

This is an easy one. Purchasing from a manufacturer directly may result in getting rewarded with ‘trade’ or factory direct prices, so basically there is no supplier mark-up involved.

When a temporary building is purchased from Temporary Warehouse Structures by customers they can purchase a brand building that is usually less expensive compared to if they purchased it from a supplier. Sometimes we can even sell new buildings for less money than a supplier can for a used building.

3. Customization

Numerous manufacturers can offer customized products along with off-the-shelf ones. Suppliers, of course, can offer this as well through their manufacturer. However, speaking to the manufacturer directly about your individual needs and requirements means that nothing gets lost in translation. If we are going to follow along with our first point, then speaking directly to the manufacturer means all of the options will be available since the manufacturer is the only one who truly understands what all of the options are.

Temporary Warehouse Structures operates in Houston, Texas. It was specially commissioned and built for the manufacturing of bespoke and standard temporary building products. After directly discussing so many projects with customers we now know realistically and exactly what our specific capabilities are, what we are able to design and manufacture, when we are able to provide it, and how we do it.

4. Warranties

When purchasing directly manufacture warranties are standard. They may be warranties for not only the end product but also bought in components and raw materials. When it comes to a temporary building, then a product is not complete until it has been installed, checked and is ready to use. Therefore, warranties on the construction and workmanship are frequently provided by the manufacturer along with the product warranty.

Purchasing from a supplier may mean that some of the warranties and guarantees may belong somewhere along the supply chain, including when a new temporary building is purchased. If you choose a used one from a supplier then you might start moving into murky waters. A second-hand building is not only used, but the problem is you also don’t know if the warranties have run old, how old it actually is, or how long it was used for. Basically, how long it will last, how safety is it, and where is your point of contact when or if things begin to go wrong with it.

5. Lead-times

Cutting the middle man out and purchasing directly can streamline the entire process, which makes lead-times faster. Less passing the buck, fewer decisions needed, fewer people required, less of a chance to make mistakes, you get the idea.

When working with Temporary Warehouse Structures, you will have a sales project manager who will be in direct contact on a daily basis with the construction site manager, dispatch staff, the factory, and the design team. They have the authority for making decisions throughout the entire process, to keep it fast, accurate, efficient, and streamlined.

6. Accountability

Manufacturers have nowhere to hide and no excuses; the buck stops here. Reputable manufactures accept complete responsibility and get problems solved correctly, fairly, and quickly. If the customer is aware of the first point above, then they also know that the manufacturer has the ability and knowledge to solve any problem or issue.

Our customer feedback and experience tells us those reasons stand up within our industry. It is more important perhaps to choose a manufacturer if you are purchasing a building since there are safety implications involved if you are not aware of what you are purchasing or how old it actually is. However, to a certain extent, the same reasons often apply to many other industries and products.

Whether you choose a supplier or manufacturer for your temporary building, it is critical to have been aware of and have documentation for the age of the building, warranties, and structural calculations if it is used. If a supplier is unable to provide this information, then we seriously recommend that you move to an alternative source or work directly with a manufacturer.

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