What Is The Lifespan Of Temporary Fabric Buildings

Following The Lifespan Of Temporary Fabric Buildings

In spite of many misconceptions, a fabric building is very durable if it’s made up of the right type of material. It can be very cost-effective and it should be easy to set up. Such fabric shelters are able to stand up to nearly any type of environment. This includes snow, rain, bitter cold and heat. They offer excellent shelter for a variety of operations including for storage, military, aerospace, mining and more. If you’ve been considering one of these types of buildings, read on to learn more about fabric buildings and their lifespan.

Construction Time & Repairs Of Temporary Fabric Buildings

Believe it or not, it only takes 0.2 to 0.3 person hours per square foot for the set up of a fabric shelter. The small units can be easily installed in a few short hours and the larger ones can be installed in a day or so. In comparison to metal buildings, these are much easier and faster to set up and utilize. If you’re seeking a fast solution, you’re looking at the right option. If you’re trying to get your equipment or your event out of the rain, this is a quick and easy solution depending on the amount of space that you require. When it comes to repairs, you won’t have to spend much either, most of the fabric structures are able to be repaired for as low as $2 per square foot. Should there be a rip in the structure or if one of the poles are bent, these can be easily repaired in a very timely fashion.

Tracking The Durability Of Temporary Fabric Structures In Various Environments

Most of the fabric buildings can last from 15 to 25 years. However, there are various types of fabric and structure frames that are available. The durability will be dependent on the type of application and the environment wherein you’re going to be using your shelter. Most of the manufacturers will also add additional features to make it last even longer. Things such as flame-retardant fabrics can help to make it last longer if there is a risk of fire. Slippery fabrics will help prevent snow and dirt buildup on the rooftop and UV resistant materials will help to deflect the rays of the sun. Temporary Warehouse Structures serves many different industries, make sure to check us out.
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