Create More Space For Your Projects With Temporary Storage Structures

Temporary Storage Solutions for Your Projects

Most people call to mind images of special event tents and pavilions when they hear about fabric structures. These structures serve important and yet temporary functions. What many people do not realize is that today’s fabric structures are the ideal solution for a number of temporary or long-term projects spanning several industries.

No matter what project or industry the project is for, each business has pressure to concentrate on improved productivity. Delays cause significant financial problems for the project and its timeline if there are no temporary storage buildings. Fabric structures are the ideal solution. They are flexible for routine as well as unexpected storage needs and they are exceptionally engineered for individual projects.

Strength and Durability

Industrial fabric structures are made according to the International Building Code. They are installed with the proper anchoring, lighting and climate control. They withstand harsh weather elements and high winds. They can be customized to stand up to the rain, snow or the heat of the sun so that they prevent you from incurring delays in your project. They protect your project against damage and are great for those times when your business goes through seasonal ups and downs or when it goes through unexpected growth spurts.


Fabric structures have many of the same protections as permanent buildings doe. They can be custom made to your order and installed in under a week complete with utilities and safety and security features. Opt to get your structure made with insulated steel walls, doors, floors, lights, air conditioning and more. Whatever your business needs, these fabric structures can be customized to meet those needs.


The major advantage of our fabric structures is that they can be made quickly. You can count on getting flexible leasing terms as well. You get our highly engineered structures designed to your specifications and installed in a few days. You can get the additional coverage your project needs fast.

Temporary structures are adaptable by nature. They will expand or shrink as you need them to for your needs. They are highly adaptable to any of your projects most detailed requirements, and they are affordable options for temporary storage.

Project Management

When you need a temporary fabric storage facility, count on our team of project managers. These highly-trained experts assist you in every aspect of preparing and planning the storage facility. Our specialists can answer your questions or concerns and will work with you every step of the way.

No matter what your plans are or what your project requirements are, we can build a fabric structure to accommodate them. We will work closely with you right up until our crew arrives to execute the plan designs in a timely fashion.

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