Lightning Protection For Temporary Fabric Structures?

Advice On Lightning Protection For Temporary Fabric Structures By The Best Temporary Warehouse Structures Company

If you have a project or event that needs a temporary structure, then I am sure that there are some questions that you may be asking yourself such as: how much will I have to pay for the structure? Will the structure be sturdy enough? How can I get a good company? Click here for more information on the best company for Temporary Warehouse Structures.

Questions related to weather protection arise as the storm season ramps up. So, how can you ensure that the structure will be able to provide adequate shelter from the rain, wind, sun, and lightning? It is more likely that a thunderstorm will occur in summer, but do temporary fabric structures need lightning structures throughout the year? Of course, it is necessary.

What is in your temporary structure?

Nowadays, businesses require more sophisticated communication infrastructures and electrical systems mainly due to the competitive nature of businesses. This means that lightning protection is important than it has ever been. In fact, indirect lightning strike on a nearby utility or building can lead to damage because its currents radiate out from the strike zone.

The amenities and accessories in your temporary structure may impact whether you choose to add lightning protection. Longer term semi-permanent structures usually have amenities like Wi-Fi routers, televisions, computers and other electrical components that are at risk for lightning damage.

In addition, if lightning and climate control are required, the wires and electrical outlets increase the risk of potential damage in case lightning strikes the structure. The saying “better safe than sorry” applies when it comes to lightning protection, especially if you want to protect the valuable electrical equipment in your structure.

It is less likely that lightning will strike a building. Still, no one believes that a lightning strike will impact them until it actually does. Many engineered temporary fabric structures depend on largely metal based steel or aluminum frames for durability.

By nature, the frames we just mentioned can increase the risk of a lightning strike. This is because of the fact that metal placed fairly high in the sky creates an easy and quick path. Lightning is dangerous and the unfortunate part is that it is unpredictable.

Work with a partner who can come up with a protection plan for your semi-permanent or temporary structure to help you avoid the possibility of severe damage from a natural occurrence such as lightning.

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