Temporary Structures And How They Help Protect Your Product

Excellent Protection from Temporary Structures

Freight companies that are working to move their stock around the country are some of the top industries that have started using temporary warehouses, as well as other structures that can be erected fast, to make life more pleasant for their employees and overall aid their operations. It can be difficult to load and unload with no protection from the elements; items can become damaged by rainy or windy weather. A sunny day might seem great to leave a company’s cargo outside, but there are also numerous products that should be kept away from direct sunlight and the heat it can produce. Keeping a company’s cargo inside is one of the only ways to avoid damaged goods, as every type of weather comes with its own set of problems that can harm freight. If a consignment is damaged, then an insurance claim must be filed and the client must be reimbursed for the damage. We all understand how this can make your premium go up, and paying both more for insurance and replacements for damaged items can really put a crunch on your bottom line.

The best solution is to have a warehouse or loading bay that can be used especially for a stock that will be moving out daily. This will help keep the overall site safer, and dramatically simplify the freight moving system, as all the delivery vehicles will only need access to one place, instead of having to drive to one warehouse after another. This allows you to manage your storage space far more efficiently, reducing the risk of missing items or damage, because both traffic and workflow can be directed straight to the loading area.

It’s recommended that freight companies obtain the biggest temporary warehouse that they can afford, as there really isn’t any such thing as too much space. Temporary warehouses can feature multiple access doors for vehicles so that lorries can come and go easily throughout the delivery process. One can also leave one or more sides of the warehouse completely open, providing a great solution for vehicles that need to access the structure – a lorry can simply drive up to the side of the building their load is staged at, instead of workers needing to bring the load all the way to the freight door, which can make the entire process more complicated.

Whether you opt for a temporary warehouse with open sides or one with four walls, it can be set up in around two weeks, depending on the availability of our stock and the size needed – we work to keep our supply at a sufficient level for seasonal demands on storage space, as well. Set up is quite simple, and we work to keep the chaos to a minimum by utilizing trained, dedicated teams that are stationed around the country, which means there’s always someone ready to put your new shelter up and get it ready for use. These structures can be rented or purchased, and we find that many clients begin by renting the shelter on a trial basis, they are able to see the many benefits that these practical buildings offer, and eventually wind up purchasing their unit.

With correct maintenance, a temporary warehouse can stand up for over ten years of on-site usage – sometimes even more. What begins as an idea for a quick fix for a problem often turns into an appreciation for these temporary buildings, as well as the use of more of them to help the business grow; don’t be hesitant to grow your business space just because you haven’t used a temporary structure yet – you’ll love it once you try. Call us today to learn more about these structures and get your freight and goods under shelter today.

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