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Temporary Structures: Effective Solution For Grounded Aircraft

Timing is everything when it comes to the aviation industry. Carefully planned flight schedules are relied upon by commercial airlines so that the domino effect is avoided from one delay. Cargo airlines must instill confidence in their clients that their shipments will get there on time in order to avoid their reputation being damaged and having to pay out costly refunds.

Whenever an aircraft is grounded – whether it is transporting cargo or passengers – any unscheduled maintenance or emergency repairs can cost thousands of dollars worth of lost income. Situations involving aircraft on the ground (AOG) are high risk and can be very detrimental to customer satisfaction. Frequent maintenance problems can not only prevent an airline from earning revenue for the flight, but they also run the risk of permanently losing customers.

Fabric structures can offer on-demand coverage quickly for a temporary warehouse building or semi-permanent AOG storage or workspace. The quick installation and modular design of the structures make them perfect for providing cover for aircraft that need to be repaired, particularly in places where aircraft space is either non-existent or at a premium. We have extensive experience working in the aviation industry. This makes highly qualified to provide AOG coverage to airlines that offer the following:

Fast Installation

Whenever an aircraft is stranded, there are companies racing against the clock in order to get everything running again. Airlines need to be prepared to be able to bring equipment, maintenance staff, and replacement parts together on very short notice.

Whenever timing is critical, the best option is to go to with a temporary warehouse building. An experienced and skilled installation team can build a structure that is big enough for accommodating a single-aisle commercial airliner in as few as 5 days, no matter where it is located. The rapid deployment enables repair crews to immediately start working, which means the airline will be back in business quickly.

Flexible Inventory

Temporary Warehouse Structures has one of the country’s largest structure inventories. It has a broad range of inventory that is immediately available for AOG work. We can cover any narrow-body and regional jets at any time in addition to most wide-body aircraft. Having such an extensive inventory enables us to provide efficient, fast service to help aircraft repairs get started right away.

We also have several different options for addressing one of the biggest costs that a temporary hangar is associated with: the door system. Although Temporary Warehouse Structures offers one of the more economical door systems that are available, there are other methods that we have also developed for eliminating expensive door systems to use with AOG work.

We work with every one of our AOG clients so that approaches and methods can be developed that will enable them to not need to invest in expensive door options, yet still having the flexibility of being able to exit and re-enter the aircraft whenever periodic testing is needed.


Our selection of structures1 is the type of structure that we prefer for covering single-aisle medium-range aircraft. There is a steep pitch to this structure which allows for the clearance height that is needed for this type of aircraft’s large tail sections. Also, clearance is provided by the deep pitch for the winglets that are commonly found on this kind of aircraft.

In addition, Temporary Warehouse Structures can also cover wide-body aircraft. We have a specially engineered structure that we developed for covering a Boeing 777. It is in the process of getting a comprehensive interior modification. The structure may be used for covering most wide-body aircraft and is 100% portable.

Experienced Teams

Whenever you are looking for a company to furnish you with a temporary hangar, search for a company that has extensive experience working on various projects for aviation clients. You will also want to make sure that their structures have the proper anchorage requirements necessary for meeting engineering code (concrete anchors, stakes or concrete ballasting if they are unable to penetrate the surface).

Turn-key installs are offered by Temporary Warehouse Structures through our national dedicated crews. We have provided structures at various airports all over the country, including Boston Logan, Memphis International, and Atlanta Hartsfield. The Project Managers on our staff work with our clients directly to confirm that all of the engineering criteria for every specific location have been met by our structures – to ensure that our clients enjoy a stress-free installation. We also help clients complete permit packages in addition to achieving to working towards achieving FAA compliance – when needed.

Future Plans

We have work with numerous manufacturers over the years to develop AOG strategies to provide comprehensive coverage for situations where a temporary hangar is needed. Our team is able to work with MROs, insurers, manufacturers and other parties for developing strategies to get a plan in place for addressing future AOG situations. The plans can help to save both money and time since the hours and days that are normally spent on estimating project costs, sizing structures, etc. may instead be devoted to getting the structure shipped and sending the install team out. The process can help to eliminate days and sometimes even weeks – and each day that is cut from the process is another day that an aircraft may be returned to generating revenue.

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