Temporary Warehouse Cost Analysis

Take A Closer Look At Your Temporary Warehouse Cost Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis / Pricing of Temporary Warehouse Installation On-Site vs. Warehousing

The following is a comparison done by a customer prior to leasing an industrial tent from TWS.

The dollar amounts listed were specific to their situation and are shown as an example for future customer’s consideration. These values are not necessarily going to fit your company or project.

Specifications and Options Warehouse Comparison

 Off-Site WarehouseTemporary Warehouse Structure
Size105,000 sq. ft.66' X 300' X 15'
19,800 sq. ft.
297,000 cu. ft. (useable storage space)
Location3 hour drive round tripOn-site 0 hours drive

Annual Warehouse Cost Analysis

Rent $ 33,600 plus Utilities per month$ 9,900 plus utilities per month
TWS Setup/Removal$0$ 20,000 (one time charge)
Utilities Setup$0$5000
Transportation$ 270,000 per year$0
Total Annual Cost$ 673,000 plus utilities per year$ 143,800 plus utilities per year


Total Annual Savings of $529,200 Annual Warehouse Cost Analysis

Intangible Savings

  • Labor costs for transportation, security, and management of off-site facility.
  • Immediate availability of on-site materials in temporary storage buildings, thereby eliminating production line delays due to off-site material storage.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

A temporary industrial tent structure can be valuable to industrial, manufacturing, and distribution companies across the country. Our clear span structures, allow our clients to make the most out of each square foot of space. These temporary spaces give companies an alternative to building their own structure or renting an existing off-site building. Instead, Temporary Warehouse Structures can build a temporary structure on-site to accommodate our clients’ needs. Our temporary structure professionals will provide all the tools, equipment, and labor necessary to get the job done. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer turnkey solutions that give our customers the best experience possible.

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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