Temporary Warehouse Structures 1st QTR 2013 Summary

It has been a busy 1st QTR for everyone at TWS.  We have covered over 20,000 miles through dozens of states.  Our crews have successfully completed 14 projects in 7 states (TX, CA, VA, PA, CO, KS, and ND) on time and on budget in only 3 months.  We have added a second full crew with all necessary tools and equipment to meet customer’s requirements at moments notice.  Our installation crews can now independently start and complete multiple projects simultaneously.  Being a small nimble company with outstanding local suppliers allows TWS to quickly make schedule adjustments to meet your needs.

We currently have about 30K sqft of standard 15ft eave height insulated warehouse structures in stock in various sizes and configurations.  Any portion of this in-stock inventory can be loaded, transported and installation started anywhere in US within a week.  If you need 10,000 sqft of dry insulated warehouse space “yesterday” give TWS a call today.  We will exceed your expectations.

Below are two pictures of our most recent installation completed in KS.  First, is picture of our insulated roof fabrics staged and prepared for installation.  Complete roof installation on this structure was done in about 4 hours.  Second, is an interior shot of a completed 50x100x15 (5000 sqft) insulated warehouse structure.  Notice how how much light comes through the translucent roof.  This particular structure was removed from an oil field services company site in CO, only two days before installation began for a large construction project in KS.

TWS | inside a temporary warehouse

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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