Is Your Fabric Building Going To Stand Up To Weather?

Why It Is Time To Consider Using Tensioned Fabric Buildings To Protect Your Construction Site Against The Weather

Earlier this year, when the winter weather forecast by the Old Farmer’s Almanac was released, it predicted that super cold weather was on its way. According to the Almanac, winter is going to very cold again for most of the country, with many areas seeing below-normal temperatures, including the Ohio Valley, Great Lakes, Atlantic seaboard, southwestern states, and the Pacific Northwest. Although many try denying it, with the leaves starting to turn already across the country, and the morning having a chill in the air, the reality of winter is definitely looming. It is critical to be prepared – especially for those people who are outside regularly battling against the elements. For example, construction sites are negatively impacted quite often – with equipment and workers being out in heavy snows and below freezing temperatures. That presents serious hazards to equipment that may be damaged along with people. It is essential to avoid damage to equipment and potential injuries to workers on a construction site – along with the potentially high financial expenses. Fortunately, we provide a solution for protecting against those harsh and severe weather conditions that come with winter.

We are very experienced in handling harsh climate conditions, and can specifically design our tensioned fabric buildings to handle inclement weather along with a high protection level.

The SSG tensioned fabric building series is one example. It was created by the 10 Mountain Division of the Army in Fort Drum, New York, where soldiers are trained for tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. They need to have a structure that protects against both extreme desert heat and extreme cold weather during the winter. Tensioned fabric buildings are able to provide that and also a structure that functions as either one large single unit or two smaller buildings that are easy to relocate and transport. These structures are heavily insulated against severe temperatures and can withstand up to 70 pounds worth of snow per square foot. This is well over the 20 pounds per square foot industry standard. Tensioned fabric buildings may be quickly installed and moved once spring has arrived and the cold temperatures begin to warm up once again. They are perfect for providing weather protection in all kinds of situations, which allows your business to take outdoor work indoors, to prevent injuries and costly delays. Two men founded Temporary Warehouse Structures in 1998 who had more than 36 years of experience working within Germany’s clear span tent sector. There was no company in the U.S. at that time offering clean span “industrial grade” tent structures for the temporary portable warehouse market. Several event and party tent companies provided (and do still) clear span tends to be used as temporary warehouses. However, they weren’t of the same innovative design, durability, and strength as clean spare warehouses that can be found in Europe. The very first American company that exclusively offered this superior product was Temporary Warehouse Structures. The structures we provide are heavier due to their larger profile cave uprights and aluminum extruded rafters, galvanized steel purlins, and galvanized steel reinforced joint inserts. The structures that we offer are not event or party structures. The 2-ply air inflated roofing fabric that we offer is far superior to the single ply industry standard fabrics. Our Thermo Roofs come with dead air space insulation, no snow or water accumulation at the eaves, no wind fluttering of the material, no condensation dripping into the interior of the structure, and it adds strength to the overall structure.

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