Installing PVC Roofing Membranes On Tension Fabric Tents

How PVC Roofing Membranes Can Be Installed On Tension Fabric Tents

Install and maintain the tarpaulin properly in order to avoid unnecessary damage. Polyvinyl chloride tarpaulins are tear resistant, fire-retardant, mildew proof and waterproof. However, that doesn’t mean that it can withstand a brutal installation. Knowing the proper installation procedure can help to prevent the PVC tarpaulin from rupturing or cracking during the installation process. It can, in some way, also help to extend the roofing tarp’s lifespan on temporary tent structures.

5 Steps To Installing a Roof Membrane Firmly Onto The Tent Structure

Step 1: Put the PVC tarp onto a stable, flat and clean surface. Next use rope to tie up both sides.
Step 2: Toss the rope over the top of the tent on the opposite side. Take the tarpaulin and insert it into the slideway and then pull on it.
Step 3: When nearing the top area of the tent, slow down and gently pull.
Step 4: Continue to pull until the whole unit is finished.
Step 5: Use U channel pipe on the two ends to fix your polyvinyl chloride tarp.

Tips For Installing PVC Roofing On A Modular Structure

Tip 1: Provide extra protection. You should add extra suture glue layers wherever the tarp is sutured. Tarpaulins that are newly bought have undergone a very long process that includes production, being transported, stored, and then finally used. That is why the waterproof performance needs to be enhanced by this step.
Tip 2: Pull at even speed. To prevent deformation or cracks when the tarp is being stretched, the pulling speed should stay as consistent as you possibly can.
Tip 3: Firmly fix. Both sides should be tightly fixed and fully stretched to prevent peeling of the waterproof coating from off of the crease.
Tip 4: Avoid excessive force. To extend or ensure the lifespan of your PVC tarp, you should avoid excessive force during the entire installation and disassembly processes.
Tip 5: Get help from a machine. Whenever the clear span width is more than 30 meters, manpower can be saved by tying the ropes on cars and pulling together on one end.

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