FAQS About Tent Buildings

Frequently Asked Questions About Tent Buildings

The following are some of the most commonly asked questions about our tent buildings and other structures, their efficiency, durability, numerous features, and much more.

What Are Tent Buildings?

Although Temporary Warehouse Structures are frequently called tent buildings or tents, it is actually an engineered membrane structure that meets all of the same code requirements that a permanent building does. It is made out of I-beams and aluminum uprights, that is integrally connected to Guardian Steel panels or flame-retardant, high-quality fabric that is resistant to harsh weather conditions and provides security. The structures have been engineered to be able to withstand high winds. Also, depending on which structure you select, the building will shed snow or offer a snow load of up to 30 pounds per square foot. Temporary Warehouse Structures provides the most technically advanced, versatile, and reliable structures in the country.

What Advantages Are Provided By The Fabric Structures?

When everything is broken down, it is clear that Temporary Warehouse Structures offers a superior advantage over new construction. Our all-in-one, innovative fabric structure offers you an effective shelter solution quickly. Temporary Warehouse Structures are made out of dependable, durable fabric that is able to withstand harsh weather conditions. As a genuine economic alternative and with long-term efficiency, energy efficiency, and rapid installation, you are completely covered by Temporary Warehouse Structures.

Do The Tent Buildings Come With Security Or Theft Options?

Security is extremely important, just as with conventional buildings. If necessary, we can add fencing around your structure. Motion detectors for triggering an alarm system for informing the police or security work in the same way that they do with other types of structures.

Can Tent Buildings Be Heated Or Air-Conditioned?

Temporary Warehouse Structures provides a proven and effective insulation system that uses CFC-free, high density, R-15 polyurethane insulation with a tensioned and attractive interior finish.

Do Tent Structures Meet Building Codes?

The fabric structures provided by TWS have been designed so that IBC requirements are met. After the lease agreement has been signed, we provide a comprehensive permitting package that includes supporting calculations and CAD drawings, which are stamped by a local area certified and licensed engineer.

Who Will Be Overseeing My Company’s Project?

You will have a dedicated Project Manager who oversees all of your project’s aspects, from the initial contact all the way through to the completion of your project. He will be working closely with you to get necessary meetings coordinated with key decision-makers such as our operations project and field crew, regarding on-site management, installation, and if necessary, dismantling and relocation.

How Long Do Temporary Warehouse Structures Tent Buildings Last?

Our structures are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and last. The steel and aluminum frames come with a 20-plus year warranty. The fabric comes with a guarantee of up to 12 years, and there is a very long lifespan on the Guardian Steel panels.

In The Future Can We Add or Change The Structure?

Yes, since temporary structures have modular designs, it makes it easy to reduce or expand them later. We offer tent buildings for many different industries. 

Can One Be Attached To My Existing Building?

Yes, it is easy to attach Temporary Warehouse Structures to existing buildings using the sealed connecting tent system. Also, a structure may be directly butted up to conventional buildings.

Is It Possible To Relocate Temporary Warehouse Structures?

If necessary, it is possible to dismantle, redesign and relocate Temporary Warehouse Structures for numerous applications. It is a cost-effective and easy solution.

What Is The Cost Of Tent Buildings?

Although an upfront economic alternative is offered by Temporary Warehouse Structures, it is just one part of long-term budgeting. There are several advantages offered by leasing semi-permanent or temporary structures.

Is Building A Conventional Metal Building Less Expensive (i.e. choose new construction instead)?

For your building budget, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to find a solution that is more cost-effective. Temporary Warehouse Structures are practically maintenance-free, which means over the term of your lease will cost less.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Temporary Warehouse Structure?

More than 1 million square feet is ready to deliver immediately, which means that the structures may be erected as quickly as 10,000 square feet a day, depending on what type of structure it is. Compared with the new construction, the project takes just a fraction of the time and costs less too.

Are Tent Buildings Energy Efficient?

The fabric structures from Temporary Warehouse Structures have up to R-25 ratings and outperform other kinds of covers, which results in reduced operational costs. Due to the insulation and unique design, there is practically zero air leakage.

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