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Features of Temporary Warehouse Structures 

There has been a rising need for temporary warehouses for a long time now. There exist several factors that can threaten the continuity of people’s businesses over a certain period of time. Accidents in the form of fires or building collapses can disrupt or in worse cases end businesses.

Temporary Warehouse Structures offer business owners a solution where they can keep their merchandise and operate from while their original location gets renovated. Alternatively, for people in the energy industry, exploring or exploiting oilfields often require the businesses involved to come up with temporary structures where the workers can rest and be safe from the scorching sunlight as they rest, take lunch, change clothes, change shifts or hold meetings. Same goes for construction workers. Business owners in these types of scenarios have a dire need for temporary structures for which they can operate for a certain period of time and this is where Temporary Warehouse Structures come in. They offer modern, unique, strong and durable structures with the following features that make them stand out from standard clear span tents:

  • They are strong, durable and well designed

TWS structures are made from superior raw materials that no doubt make them better than normal tents when used as makeshift warehouses. Their rafters and cave uprights are made from extruded aluminum which makes them heavier and larger in profile. Their joint inserts and purlins are also reinforced with galvanized steel. Their roofs are also made from 2 ply air-inflated fabric which insulates the tents from gaining or losing heat making them very ideal for storage.

They do not allow water or snow to accumulate at the eaves neither do they allow condensation to drip into the tent structures like normal tents usually do. Lastly, the roof is fitted in a way that makes it impossible for wind to flutter off the materials. All these factors make Temporary Warehouse Structures a lot stronger, more durable and very superior to ordinary tents in terms of innovative design.

  • They are custom made to meet requirements

TWS structures are highly adapted to meet the building codes and requirements of a warehouse. They are specifically designed to be used as a warehouse which makes them a lot more fit for the job than ordinary tents. They also meet and exceed the safety guidelines set up for them during construction assembly and disassembly that help them to prevent on-site accidents. This ensures that they meet the requirements of customers while still assuring their safety. Whether or not they are to be used as short term or long term solutions all depends on the specific design chosen by the user.

  • They provide set-up and disassembly

Because the TWS structures are majorly temporary, TWS offers both the structure set-up and disassembly services to their clients. So that you don’t have incurred extra charges during their installation or removal after you are done with them. Depending on the type off the structure you took, the set-up and disassembly charges differ but are way cheaper than using an external installer. These structures are also very flexible should you need to change locations often.

These are some of the unique features of the structures offered by Temporary Warehouse Structures in the US.

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