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Founded in 1998, TWS (Temporary Warehouse Structures) is the dream come true of some two gentlemen who had acquired experience in German span tent industry for a period exceeding 36 years. At that time, there was no company based in the US that provided clear span tents structures which could meet the industrial grade in the portable warehouse industry. Some US-based companies offered some party and tent events which could be used in temporary warehouses. However, their products were not strong enough, did not last long and lacked the innovation seen in the span warehouses in the European continent.

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TWS prides itself as the first company in America which was established so it can offer this product. The difference in our structures lies in the following –

  • Purlins are made of galvanized steel,
  • Reinforced joint inserts are made of galvanized steel,
  • Extruded rafters and cave uprights which are made of larger profile aluminum.

Note that our products are different from party and event structures and in fact, our company does not offer any such products. We use superior 2-ply air-inflated roof fabric, not the single fly fabric which is the standard in the industry.

The following are the advantages offered by Temporary Warehouse Structures 
  • Addition of strength to the structure
  • No snow or water accumulation at the eave
  • No material wind flutter
  • Do dripping of condensation into the interior of the structure
  • Insulation factor of the dead air space
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To all our customers, we promise clear span buildings which are not only structurally sound but which feature exceptional craftsmanship and superior material. We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings. Contact our team today for your Temporary Warehouse Structure quote or call us at 281-489-7811.



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