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Temporary Warehouse Structures owes its existence to two men, previously of the German tent making industry. In fact, the men had a staggering 36- year experience. Before then, there were no such industries providing tent structures specific to the warehouse market in the USA. Some event and party tent companies by then were providing their tents to be used for temporary warehouse’s purposes.

However, these were much weaker and less durable as compared to the ones offered in Europe. Temporary Warehouse Structures made sure this changed. They started providing temporary warehouse tent structures characterized by extra weight and strength. So why are our structures much heavier?

The Best Temporary Warehouse Buildings & Storage Buildings, Greater Fifth Ward, Texas
  1. They have aluminum rafters with large profiles. These rafters cave upwards
  2. They are designed with steel joint inserts for reinforcement purposes.
  3. They have steel purlins (note the steel is galvanized)

Our structures, however, are not intended for party purposes. The roofs of our structures are state-of-the-art with features such as dead air space for insulation purposes, no allowance for water or snow to condense on eaves, no droplets of condensed water on the inside and zero wind flutter.

Temporary Fabric Structures, Thermo Roof Air Systems, HVAC, Clear Span Buildings, & Portable Fabric Structures In Greater Fifth Ward, TX

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