Effective Temporary Fabric Buildings, Clear-Span Buildings & Lunch Tent In Greater Greenspoint, TX

Reputable Details about Temporary Warehouse Structures 

Are you in search of extra clear span space? Your only answer is probably an onsite temporary storage building.

About Us – Temporary Warehouse Structures 

We were launched in the year 1998 and have a very long time experience of about thirty-six years in clear span tent industry. In the United States, we are very popular since we are the pioneers for we only provide to quality industrial grade structures which can be used in either long term or short term. Besides, customer can either buy or lease our customized structures. 

To add, TWS team of well-qualified professionals will definitely set up your temporary warehouse as well as designed industrial fabric structures on site safely and within a short period of time. 

Temporary Warehouse Structures – Your Highest Quality German Engineered Temporary Buildings 

Reliable Mobile Storage Buildings 

Extremely Long Lasting Industrial Tents: – Are usable as mobile buildings for manufacturing, distribution, armed forces as well government and lastly can be used in airports as airplane hangars. 

You are recommended to take note that out temporary metal structures have a capability of withstanding strong winds and are made with a high-quality grade “A” rust-free galvanized and aluminum that is fully galvanized. 

– Temporary Warehouse Structures Portfolio 

Temporary Warehouse Structures are usually one of the best solution whenever your business experiences disruptions either from natural or artificial forces. As a company, we are proud to provide clients with only superior materials as well as well-structured clear span buildings. 

  • Best Space for Oilfield Services in United States 

The energy industry keeps growing and has changed in economics as well as on physical locations thus making TWS a suitable cost-effective solution. This is a great recommendation since TWS have a reliable and best record based on security whenever setting up and dismantling the structures. 

  • Lunch Tent for Sites on Construction

As a company, we are very proud to provide most of our customers a superior material, structural sound clear span buildings, and craftsmanship. Due to this, you are advised to ensure that you contact our team members today. Warehouse space for meetings that are safe, shift and crew change which are flexible for temporary construction. 

Various event and party companies gave their clear span tents to be used as temporary structures but they did not have the durability and best style or design compared to those that were availed in Europe. 

In America, this was the first organization to provide an exclusive superior product. In fact, our structures are very heavy for they are made of galvanized steel purlins, steel galvanized reinforcing joint as well as bigger profile aluminum rafters. 

Lastly, they consist thermal roofs which contain a dead airspace insulation where no water or snow is able to accumulate at the eaves. Also, no condensed water can get to the interior as well as the material cannot be flattered by wind. 

Call us today on 281-489-7811 and talk about your venture or even get a quotation. Do not wait any further; we are eager to serve you and let you have a taste of what we do!!

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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