The Best Storage Building, Lunch Tents & Aircraft Hangars Buildings In Southwest Houston

Our passion in clear span tent industry begun in 1998. We now have a vast experience of 36 years in delivering such services. Being the first company to start such services in the United States, our tent structures are clear span and accustomed for your short and long-term needs. Upon selecting our company, our installers do erect the temporary structures quicker and safer than any other way. Apart from providing a superb setup, they also do the disassembling service.  

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So how can our durable industrial tents serve our clients?

Whether you need them for Temporary Buildings Manufacturing, Distribution, Oilfield Services, Military and Government, and Airplane Hangars Services, they are good to go. They also resist the hurricane force winds since they are sealed with grade A galvanized steel and anodized aluminum.

Business Interruption / Renovation

Worry no more in case of a disaster as your business will get running through the Temporary Warehouse Structures, the superior materials will give you strong clear span buildings.

Flex Space for Oilfield Services

Our structures are cheaper and in line with the changes within the economic and geographical platforms since they are easy and safer in the installation and removing process.

Lunch Tent for Construction Sites

They give the ideal space for a shift change, semi-permanent construction, and safety meetings. Our clients get strong materials that have been uniquely constructed for clear span buildings.

Temporary warehouse boasts of providing the best durable, innovative design structures that are much heavier owing to the aluminum rafters and galvanized steel that is sealed on them. For these reasons, they are not meant for party or event meetings. They also do have a 2 ply coating that makes them waterproof since the insulation is intact. The thermo-roofs give no chance to condensation, not even wind can interrupt with the structure. Our company was the first to come up with this superior product and for such reasons, we have gained approval in the United States.

TWS will give you more than what you expect. The structures have very unique requirements and local codes that will not affect even the time of delivery. TWS meets all the needs of our clients and there is no case in delaying the installation process or causing any interruption.  

Our clients mean everything to us, as we give them the best we have in terms of superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.  

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We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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