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About Temporary Warehouse Structures

Are you in need of extra clear Span Space? The On-Site Temporary Storage Buildings are the real solution.


We have been in service in the clear span tent industry since 1998. No other company in the United States have the best “industrial grade” clear span tent structures more than what we can offer. We do provide tent structures for sale and leasing to our esteemed clients for both short and long term seasons. Our installers have a wide range of experience in the construction of the temporary warehouse as well as the fabric structures. They do install in a quicker and safe way, giving a complete setup.

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  • Best In Class Temporary Construction Tents

Extremely Durable Industrial Tents. Can Be Used For Temporary Buildings Manufacturing, Distribution, Oilfield Services, Military and Government, and Airplane Hangars.

Our Temporary Clear Span Metal Buildings Can Withstand Hurricane Force Winds And Are Made With Grade “A” Rust-Free Galvanized Steel And Anodized Aluminum.

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  • Business Interruption / Renovation

When disaster strikes, fret no more. Your business will be revived once again through our Temporary Warehouse Structures that do have the commercial warehouse. Our responsibility is to deliver superior material and craftsmanship which are fully sound clear span buildings.

Flex Space for Oilfield Services

The Temporary Warehouse Structures are the best available option especially nowadays when the energy industry is dynamic in terms of ecogeographical structures. Our professionals have a proven record of carrying out a safe on-site installation.

 Lunch Tent for Construction Sites

We do provide warehouse space for a crew change, shift change as well as handling of meetings. We are dedicated to offering our clients with superior material and craftsmanship and structurally sound clear span buildings. Call our team today!

Many companies normally use their clear span tents as temporary warehouses. However, such structures are not strong and durable. We were the first American company to come up with the most exclusive product. The Temporary Warehouse Structures is a name like no other. Our structures are unique since they are heavier. This is because of the aluminum rafters, galvanized steel, steel purlins, and cave uprights. Our structures also have a thick roof fabric and this cannot be compared to the normal ply fabrics. With the specially designed roofs, there is no space for air, moisture or snow. The wind cannot destroy the structure because of its strength. 

TWS has endeavored to provide nothing less than the best. Our structures are in line with our basic requirements they also rhyme with the local building codes. Our company has strict measures when it comes to the installation process, there is no interruption whatsoever.

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We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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