Tent Structures: A List Of The Craziest Tailgates During Football Season

The Best Tailgates In College Football Had Tent Structures

Welcome to our 2017 College Football Fan Guide! We have partnered with Tagger Media for tracking social media activity this fall among college football fans. Each week, we will be ranking fan based on the amount of support they show their team on social media. Here is the top 10 Fan Index for now:

1. Ole Miss Rebels Standing Out With Their Tent Structures

Fans gather at the Grove before games played at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. This leafy 10 acres located at Ole Miss is totally unique. And the tailgating that takes place at Oxford is definitely not rustic. It is a fine dining experience, at least a college football version of it. Menus are taken seriously by Ole Miss tailgaters. (However, it needs to be noted that at The Grove, you are unable to cook using an open flame, unlike at other colleges.) Sophisticated cocktails and refined food aren’t the only tailgating traditions at Ole Miss. Coach Billy Brewer, in 1985, started to lead the Rebels down the same path on game days through The Grove. That gave fans the chance to toast their team as it was making its way over to Vaught-Hemingway. It is called the Walk of Champions now. They used tent structures as part of the process.

2. LSU Tigers Purchased A Tent

No tailgating in America is able to match LSU in terms of food. Tigers fans are the finest cooks among all college football fans. All LSU tailgates are a smorgasbord of local food specialties.

3. The Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators Love Temporary Structures

There is a reason why the Georgia-Florida clash has been called “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” Tailgating is a fantastic experience at this annual fierce rivalry game that takes place every year in Jacksonville, Florida.

4. South Carolina Gamecocks Have Event Tents

So what is so special about tailgating in South Carolina? A Cockaboose can be rented, which is a vintage train car that you can drink and eat in luxurious surroundings.

5. Tennessee Volunteers Always Use Tent Structures

You can have fun on both water and land in Knoxville, Tennessee. Fans hold tailgate parties on boats in the Tennessee River prior to games held at Neyland Stadium. When it comes to tailgating, tent structures are very important. If you are considering getting a tent structure for your next tailgate event click here to get a quote.

6. Iowa Hawkeyes Stay Cool With Their Tent Structures

When tailgating before an Iowa Hawkeyes game, be sure to try out a Big Turkey Leg. Although Chuck Ford, the original proprietor of the BATL has retired, the gigantic poultry hunks can still be found in Iowa City before the game.

7. Clemson Tigers Bring Event Structures

The Tiger Walk is one of the most enjoyable aspects of tailgating before a Clemson game. Before each game, all of the players walk into Memorial Stadium from the parking lot, which gives fans the opportunity to great the team. There are occupied event structures there as well, so that the food is kept cool in the shade before the game.

8. Penn State Nittany Lions Bring Event Tents

It is one gigantic party in State College, PA on weekends when the Nittany Lions have a home game. Fans come in hoards – with some even coming in RVs – in order to enjoy the fun prior to watching the game. Event tents are used for protecting themselves against the sunlight and weather.

9. Wisconsin Badgers Use Tent Structures

One of the very best American college towns is Madison, Wisconsin. It is the ideal backdrop for having a tailgate that features some of the finest local cuisine: brats and beer.

10. Michigan Wolverines Use Event Tents For Protection

Michigan Stadium is the biggest sports venue in all of America, which ensures absolutely enormous tailgating crowds on Saturdays. There is a considerable swell of people in Ann Arbor on Wolverine home game days, and it’s definitely worth going to one if you possibly can.

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