Tent Structures: Third Industrial Revolution And Manufacturing Growth Bring More Jobs And Expansion

Structure Tents: Manufacturing Growth Within The Third Industrial Revolution Is Creating Demand For New Continuity Solutions

According to data, over the last 25 years, there has been a quadrupling of U.S. manufactured goods exports. And this growth isn’t expected to slow down in the near future. Within the Third Industrial Revolution manufacturing is booming as new technologies are driving significant efficiency increases and demand for highly-skilled labor. What does that type of growth look like A manufacturing institution reported that over the following seven years, there will be approximately 3.5 million high-skilled manufacturing jobs created? With the growth, we are seeing it is evident that the expansion of many businesses will continue to get bigger which means manufacturing tents are needed.

Industry Growth And The Use Of Industrial Tents

This industry growth is being propelled forward by manufacturing companies of all sizes. According to the data, a large majority of U.S. manufacturing companies are considered to be small. Seventy-three percent of manufacturing companies have less than 20 employees. As manufacturing companies of every size experience, the pains and gains of expansion, one of the critical focuses have become contingency planning.

Expansion Using Industrial Tents

So how can expansion be done quickly in order to obtain additional revenue without having to take on the added capital expense associated with permanent structures? If you planning to expand your existing structures, how can operations be maintained throughout the construction process? One option that can be considered is expanding off-site; however, managing multiple sites do add logistical hurdles that may cripple your new project’s success.

Industrial Tents As An Economical Solutions

Temporary structures, such as industrial tents, are often the most economical and ideal solution for reduced cost and flexibility. It is possible to install temporary structures in a few weeks instead of the months or years that it takes for permanent construction to be completed. Also, you can place structures on almost any ground surface, which means your temporary facility may be installed in the most optimum location.

How Industrial Tents Are Used In The Expansion Process

Operations can be maintained while expanded facilities are being constructed. A leading turbine blade supplies need room for the growth in its manufacturing facility. The expansion process, however, would be tricky, since the company would be unable to stop blade production while the expanded facility was being constructed. The perfect gap solution for the expansion was a temporary structure.

Temporary Structure

A major auto manufacturer wanted to expand its product line. Their plant was at capacity, so there wasn’t any space available for taking on an extra project. It wasn’t feasible to obtain a permanent structure due to the cost and time that would be required by a build-out. A temporary structure enables them to expand economically and quickly so fast-track the new project.

Use A Structure Building To Expand Your Business

Facilities can be expanded temporarily for seasonal needs. Once the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) realized that their forecast was predicting more holiday mail than they had expected originally, they needed to quickly change preparations for their upcoming shipments. The USPS leased a temporary structure to give them the extra warehouse space that they needed for managing packages overflow during the holiday season. Temporary structures are temporary in nature which makes them very efficient and economical for varying seasons – all you have to pay for is the space that you need and at the times that you need it. Once your needs change, the structure is removed by your provider. By itself, manufacturing is the world’s ninth-largest economy. Manufacturing industry growth will continue creating expansion opportunities for firms. However time is money, and often new opportunities must be seized fast. For companies wanting to thrive within this growth industry, temporary structures are a highly effective contingency solution.

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