Temporary Building And Commercial Construction Trends To Look For In 2019

Commercial Construction Technology And Trends – What To Anticipate For 2019

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The construction industry is continuously evolving and changing. New trends emerge every year and that is particularly true with the constant advancements in technology. The commercial construction industry had a strong year overall in 2018. Construct Connect reports that in 2018 there were an additional 280,000 construction jobs created and construction worker fatalities also have been declining during this time also. Now that we are in 2019, it is essential to identify which trends might emerge and then become popular this year. In this article, we will be looking at what trends we are seeing in 2019 so far, and what we can anticipate for the remainder of 2019.

Technological Integration Growth

Every year, technology continues becoming an essential part of the world, and the same is true of the commercial construction industry. Construction technology investment increased last year by 30% to $1.5 billion. This sector’s total value is expected to exceed $10 trillion by 2020.

Technology will undoubtedly continue to become increasingly prominent, but what type of technology have we been seeing? How is it assisting commercial construction builders with improving their efficiency or skill?


When drones initially were introduced in the market, the typical customers were videographers, wedding photographers, or just for reactional purposes. These days, they are also used at construction job sites for documenting, inspecting, and monitoring working conditions. DroneDeploy reports that drone use on job sites has really skyrocketed, and in just this past year alone it surged 239%. Although drones are used by dozens of industries, the construction industry is the commercial adopter that is growing the fastest.

Benefits of Drones

With such significant growth, it is clear that superintendents, contractors, and project managers are seeing significant benefits from drone usage. Drones are being used by commercial construction builders for collecting real-time data on projects and to gain a better understanding of what is occurring on their job sites. Aerial shots provide certain insights that you cannot get from anywhere else – and drones enable project managers to identify issues early on to help them save lots of money and time on their projects.

Some of the important benefits offered by drones that construction managers have noted include faster delivery data and increased job-site safety. For many years it has been a time-consuming and expensive for performing site surveys, collating the information and then presenting it into a usable form. This has all been changed by drones. Images may be viewed on a tablet as a drone is completing a flight, or survey data can be interpreted by a construction site manager as it gets transmitted to his laptop. Now it is on demand when it is needed.

When data is collected from drones, it improves the project’s schedule, as well as improving communicating delivering more accurate measures, saving significant money in spending and reducing job-site safety and project time.

Smart Buildings & Temporary Structures

These are not buildings where a robot is thinking for itself and controlling every single aspect of a building. I don’t believe we will be seeing that kind of technology just yet in 2019. However, smart buildings are definitely becoming increasingly popular for costs, operations, and energy efficiency.

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