Temporary Building And Commercial Construction Trends To Look For In 2019

What To Anticipate In Commercial Construction Technology And Trends In 2019


A smart building is able to use sensors which collect data and then manage things in accordance with the services and functions of the structure. Smart buildings are able to regulate lighting, security, ventilation, temperature, and other various facility systems. This kind of intelligent technology is being applied in numerous industries, particularly schools, office buildings, and hospitals. There are predictions that smart buildings are going to get really popular in 2019, yet things aren’t going to stop there. Just a few years ago, the 2016 global market surrounding smart buildings was generally valued at just under $6 billion. However, that value is anticipated to rise by 2024 to more than $60 billion. Technology keeps finding ways to be essential to daily life, and there’s no exception for the construction industry. In time, smart buildings are actually likely to start connecting with one another, leading to a rise in ‘smart cities’. Certainly, 2019 won’t be the year that all of these different innovations happen, but there’s no denying the quick pace of these technological advances.

Prefabricated Construction

Even though prefab construction is far from a new method, it has growing popularity given the plethora of advantages it provides, including but not limited to lower costs, enhanced safety conditions, functioning well in controlled environments, better productivity, and shorter construction schedules.

In 2018, there was a big increase in how much heavy rainfall the Northeast got, and that happened even during summer months that are normally dry and hot. That wound up meaning many setbacks for quite a few construction companies who had to deal with things like schedule delays and muddy job sites.

Inclement weather doesn’t create as many delays with prefabricated construction because a substantial portion of all the project work happens inside manufacturing facilities. Industry experts predict that prefab construction is going to keep becoming the first choice of general contractors as more customers and developers acknowledge the advantages offered by prefab construction.

2019 Expectations

All in all, 2018 turned out to be a very positive year in terms of commercial construction, and the 2019 outlook looks bright too. Momentum from 2018 is expected to carry over into the new year in nearly every kind of project type across most geographic areas. There are certainly fluctuations from one month to the next, but the overall outlook looks good for modest and even moderate spending increases through early 2019 in most categories. On the other hand, labor shortages, damaging trade policies, and rising interest rates all pose mounting threats to clients and contractors alike.

The construction industry will always face challenges, but general contractors can use prefabricated construction to save on both costs and time. Labor shortages rarely prove to be a huge concern in terms of prefab construction, given how the same job force has year-round employment. Modular construction means that labor issues get mitigated since the related manufacturing facilities happen to be both located and also operated wherever the majority of the labor pool happens to be available.

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