What Type Of Temporary Storage Building Do You Need?

Temporary Storage Solutions

Many businesses from time to time need temporary storage solutions. And often they need them quickly. Due to that fact, it is a good idea to be aware of what your options as well as what is the best for your business when it is in a hurry, or in an emergency in the worst-case scenario.

What you select will depend on volume and what things you are storing, the amount of spare space on site that you have available, and the availability and preference for local off-site industrial space.

Off-site storage solutions

Traditionally, leasing operational space or industrial storage off-site has been a main temporary storage solution for industry and manufacturers all across the country.

However, over the past few years, options and choices have dwindled. Problems around the availability of construction and existing space are struggling to keep up with the increasing demand for online retailers that have been so prevalent, which makes offsite leasing not as easy and attractive as it used to be.

There are also some other aspects that also need to be considered. Rental contracts may include numerous other costs including property improvements, maintenance, security, insurance, taxes, and utilities.

There are also additional transportation expenses and extra time necessary for traveling in between multiple sites, and the potential impact on traceability and stock control; which can impact customer loyalty and lead times.

So, despite the fact that leasing temporary storage solutions might be several miles down the road, it is a viable option still, with any businesses looking to consolidate their costs and operations under one roof.


Shipping containers may be a preferred option for smaller storage requirements. There isn’t any construction to be concerned about since you basically are craning an industrial storage box into place. It is essential to have a hard level surface as well as a secure area, but also ones that are lockable. Fir highly visible or public sites a bit of TLC might be needed by a used container – painting and cleaning.

Size is the key concern though since they will allow for only small storage amounts. Usually, the standard size is 12m or 6m long and right under 2.5m wide. Therefore, racking or another type of warehousing requirement will need a kind of unit that was much larger.

Temporary storage building solutions

When it comes to temporary storage solutions, a less well-known option is a temporary building but is one that manages to be able to lose most of the disadvantages and combine the advantages of both off-site leasing and containers.

Temporary storage building solutions refer to prefabricated demountable warehouses that you can have transported and then installed on site in under a week usually. Due to their demountable nature, they are available for hire and their strong yet lightweight aluminum frame means that they will rarely need groundworks or foundations. That also means that usually existing hard level standing is suitable and after the building has been removed it is easy to get the ground back into a new or its previous purpose.

Usually, buildings range from 10m to 30m widths as standards and on customized projects they are larger. Lengths may be about anything that extends in 5m bays with heights on most of them ranging up to 5m or 6m. There are also insulation options that are available with roof cladding and wall choices. All of the features make them perfect for a majority of storage requirements, whether small or large, which include racked, bulk, sensitive, and temperature controlled.

All of the benefits that come with hiring are offered by temporary storage buildings – no long-term capital investment and flexibility – combined with being able to keep all storage and warehousing under the same roof.


Actually, temporary storage buildings are the industrial cousins of the modern day clear span tents. However, there are some businesses choose to instead opt for this very low quality and cost option.

You may be able to get away with it for basic weather protection. However, you do run the risk that your local authority will make you take it down, since, a storage marquee, unlike temporary storage buildings, is not strong enough to be able to be left for long time periods in situ, particularly during the winter when there are the highest snow and wind loads.

Although the frames look very similar to temporary storage buildings, they are made out of aluminum, are smaller and lighter, and aren’t calculated to meet structural safety USA standards.

Fortunately for manufacturers is the choices in temporary storage solutions that are available are suited for a majority of business objectives and requirements. And when you know which ones are best suited for your business and is available right away, it can give you a leg up over the competition.

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