Temporary Warehouse Helps Plan For The Unexpected

3 Ways You Can Plan For The “Unexpected” In Temporary Structures

Quite simply, there happen to be countless possibilities when it comes to the particular needs and service that temporary structures are able to offer businesses. From lunchrooms to churches, and equipment storage to the manufacturing plants, the temporary structures that we provide are truly limitless when it comes to their purposes.

While temporary structure needs stretch across every category and boundary, there are generally 3 reasons that reoccur, why many companies choose temporary structures that we have on offer. This includes storage, expansion, and weather conditions. The companies that are budget conscience, have to become forward-thinking when it comes to planning for unexpected events.

Will the weather hinder future or current projects? Is the business envisioning the prospect of future growth? What storage type will be the most feasible when it comes to price and location? Yet the more important question involves: How will this have an effect on the bottom dollar of the company? How can your company maximize profits in the way of using your rollover budget in order to make savings for the future?

The Weather Is Unpredictable

Meteorologists are one of the only professions that are able to produce a higher percentage of errors compared to accurate data and then still be seemingly successful. If scientists are failing to predict weather conditions accurately, it makes sense that you cannot either. While you might not know what is going to happen with the weather, you can be sure that it will most likely occur at inopportune times. During the process of construction, particularly when working with a material like concrete, weather conditions that are extreme which includes heat, humidity, snow, or rain can result in significant delays when it comes to completion or productivity. This has the ability to escalate quickly into serious losses when it comes to revenue.

We have temporary structures which have been engineered and designed to protect workers and job sites from these exterior elements. Regardless of what is going on with the weather, work can progress at a steady pace. Before they contacted our company, one of the well-known construction companies made an estimate that they lost on average $100K each week caused by weather-related delays. This was due to not being able to use or pour concrete for jobs without the rain refilling the holes that were drilled.

This company was losing out financially until they contacted our business. This is why it becomes vital that companies plan ahead for any future job site while maintaining a “rainy day” fund, which will ensure operations run at an efficient pace, while lost resources and time are always kept to the very minimum.

Every business has aspirations for growth, yet, not all of these businesses prepare for it.

Over the past decade, the manufacturing industries have maintained an uphill trend that is steady. This continual growth has increased the opportunity of expansion for many businesses. Yet a business needs to be set-up adequately to deal with these new opportunities and in some cases at a rapid pace. When a business is faced with having to expand very quickly, they generally have two choices. The first would be to come up with plans to house or build expanding operations. While the second choice would be to refuse growth and remain stagnant.

It is obvious that the majority of companies will choose growth, yet what will this expansion involve? The construction involved in larger projects will involve a lengthy timeframe, multiple stakeholders, large crews, and costly equipment. With all these intricate pieces associated with construction processes, the risks increase for unexpected costs and complications. In a report published by McKinsey Global Institute, the projects that are on the larger scale take around 20% longer than the original schedule and some can go over 80% of the original budget.

For this reason, many companies have started looking into other building alternatives. This is when our reliable temporary structures provide a significant saving in costs, and they can be quickly installed or modified and moved to continue matching up to the needs of our customers. In addition to your “rainy day” fund, you should also have a fund set aside for growth. This means that you are always prepared for the possibilities of expansion.

When you project your rollover budgets, a source that should be reviewed is any hidden variable expenses.

One of the common examples would be storage. We have temporary structures that provide storage of quality and eliminates storage fees that are often hidden. The storage facilities are one of those ever-present needs when it comes to construction projects. The location and storage facility type are the variables which often make a dramatic impact on the bottom dollar of a company.

When the storage facility happens to be off-site, other expenses start to add up like fuel, maintenance on vehicles due to having to drive equipment and supplies from and to a job site. This also includes hours of productivity loss while these employees are making the commute. Having storage facilities on-site will do away with these lost hours along with the unnecessary wear-and-tear on vehicles and equipment. While at the same time it will ensure your assets remain protected.

One of our clients reported recently that they save on average $14K every month due to their decision of moving their off-site storage to a temporary on-site warehouse. While this decision might appear insignificant to the budget of the company, these dividends are truly astronomical.

When you are in search of a way to allocate the rollover budget of your company, you should always be planning for future years.

Save today, so that you are prepared for the prospects of tomorrow.

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