The Importance Of Proper Warehouse Labeling & Technology

Refined Warehouse Labeling & Technology Tips

Disorganized warehouses with piles of loose and packed products can present many problems when trying to identify and get orders ready for shipment. Proper warehouse organization utilizing modern technology and labeling can eliminate these problems. By making sure that all products are clearly labeled and properly organized, they can be easily identified and managed during the picking and shipping process. The reason why a proper organization of warehouse goods is so important is that it avoids the risk of customers receiving the wrong item due to mislabelled packaging. Warehouse shelf or rack labeling can be customized to suit different types of business requirements.

1. Label All Products

Information labels on all items will ensure that each product can be easily stored and tracked when going through the inventory. If the products in your inventory are correctly labeled by the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number as well as the description and type of product, it becomes easy to identify what you need to ship without guessing.

2. Implement An Organized Labeling System

It is important to create an organizational system that makes it easy to label the products in your warehouse. The best organizational structures are based on modern technology that uses scanners, barcodes, and other types of technology to help identify products. So don’t be afraid to embrace the latest technology systems available to help keep track of product information.

3. Adopt Modern Tech

Your competitors will make use of every technological advantage at their disposal to optimize their operations in order to help them gain a competitive edge in the market and so should you. From technologies like WMS software that organizes orders, for example, for belt conversion solutions to filling orders faster, all have a place in a well-organized warehouse. It may be of benefit to determine, for example, how things like repetitive tasks can benefit from automation.

4. Install A Good Inventory Control System

It is important to use a good inventory control system to keep detailed records once your goods are located in an optimal location. This system helps to manage stock-on-hand, the location of products, and the movement history of each item in the warehouse.

5. Sequence Your Orders With Appropriate Software

By using software to sequence your orders you can save a lot of time. You can choose to sequence your orders with functions like the pick path, grouping orders by zones, grouping similar orders together or keeping orders aside that include non-conveyable items. Software like WMS will optimize the way orders are sequenced and allow you to organize your workflow in a way that makes sense for your particular organization.

6. Make Use Of Automatic Data Collection Technologies

In the past decade, significant technological advances have been made in the area of automatic data collection. In sharp contrast to the days when long number sequences were written by hand or typed onto a keyboard, most distribution centers and warehouses now run RFID and RF barcode systems to collect more accurate and timely data. Every step automated means one less step that requires management and the collection of timely and accurate data will allow you to make smarter supply chain decisions.

7. Make Use Of Appropriate Warehouse Location Labels

Using easy-to-read and properly organized location labels in the pick path and floor stack areas of your warehouse will ensure that both the products and the operators are properly organized. By making use of aisle and dock signage, the flow of traffic in your warehouse environment can be greatly enhanced. Warehouse labeling and signage are designed to allow a linear flow between dock and pick-up areas. When adding more slots or reconfigurations to the storage systems the ideal sequence should be expandable and intuitive and should be both manually and bar code readable.

8. Use Barcoding Software To Automate Your Processes

The most important thing you can do for your warehousing processing is to implement a barcoding system. Barcoding software will significantly improve your order accuracy and substantially reduce the time spent between production and shipping. Barcoding software systems can be directly connected to a WMS or ERP system, providing company executives with real-time visibility to the operations in the warehouse.

9. Invest In Labels & Signs

Once your warehouse has been properly organized, clear labels and signs will make it easy to navigate. In a properly organized warehouse, everything from individual products to shelving and warehouse sections is clearly labeled and recorded on a map or floor plan. Clear signage and proper organization can turn an otherwise unnavigable warehouse maze into a smooth-running operation that is easy to navigate and manage.

10. Use Barcoding On Every Item

Barcoding everything will ensure ease of moving, counting, accuracy, and product picking down the line. It is highly reliable and at least 75% faster and more accurate than even the most skilled typist. By cutting out the middle man you will completely eliminate human error. From the moment stock enters your warehouse, It is essential to know exactly where your inventory is located at any given time. A barcoding system will help keep precise track of your stock at all times. Knowing how much stock you have on hand at all means that inventory and warehouse space can be reduced and overheads can be decreased.

11. Integrate Rugged Label Reading Mobile Devices

You can optimize your picking process by creating an efficient system with clearly labeled products. For example, organizing your best-selling products to be located near the front will help get them out quicker and create an efficiently run warehouse. Integrating rugged mobile devices will decrease the picking time and help increase overall efficiency in your warehouse.

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